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16-01-2017, 10:34
We arrived last night, found the car park for MH, no facilities though, a surprise considering size of and importance of city.

Now sat in the square opposite these Cathedral, taking advantage of tourist office wifi. Currently temp is 4.5 degrees, was 3.0 when we walked up the hill an hour ago.

We drove over mountains yesterday from Segovia (very pleasant town to visit), and got to height of 1850m, fog, snow and a cold -4.5deg. visited La Guntra Palace, then Escivol monastery before getting to here.

Three UK MHs in carpark, Kieth and Lynn on way to Gib, Leon and Val on way Alicante and coast line, and us on way to Fuengirola for Wednesday.

With now three days in Spain done, to master the language has not been easy, but twice I have been asked by other tourists for directions.. met a Columbian family who had arrived in Madrid a week ago, working for Santander bank, who were exploring. Suggested we visit Bogata and see a local beach.

Off to find an aide to replenish once SWMBO gets out of the Cathedral.

16-01-2017, 13:30
I don't know if you're aware Stanski but central inland Spain is best visited in the spring or late autumn, as you're finding out it can be freezing and bleak wintertime. Cordoba eg is otherwise known as the Frying Pan of Spain....in the summer, it should be called the Fridge of Spain in the winter. On the other hand you could just be be tougher than myself and find 3 deg. perfectly OK for sightseeing!

16-01-2017, 14:07
Details of Madrid at 10,000m - Europe's highest capital - Madrid to Rio de Janeiro - Madrid at 10,000m - Europe's highest capital (http://hiddenjourneys.co.uk/Madrid-Rio-de-Janeiro/Madrid/Highest.aspx)

16-01-2017, 14:15
10,000m or 1,000m summit fishy here! Or is it aerial pics?

16-01-2017, 14:26
Most people seem to think Spain is always hot!
It can be, but it can be seriously cold. I used to truck to Madrid what seemed like nearly weekly, via Pampalona and missing Soria by a short cut on the C101 to Almazan and pick up the N11(2) at Medinacelli to Madrid. At Easter, you can see all of the surrounding hills covered in snow, and the locals still walking around in winter fur gear! Meanwhile, we harries, are in our shorts:dance: