View Full Version : WS Lochaline 1 (Highland)

Auld Pharrrt
31-01-2017, 21:58
This tap on the side of a metal container on the old pier no longer works. Although the tap is still there, the last three times I tried it you get nothing more than the smallest of trickles of water from it after a few seconds ... use the one on the main pier behind the snack bar or either of the standing taps inside the public toilets at the ferry terminal, there is one in each of the toilets.

Auld Pharrrt
31-01-2017, 22:00
This fire hose reel here is freely available to anyone ... the old donations box is well and truly out of use (all damaged and rusted up) ... I have used this supply several times over the past year with no problems.

Auld Pharrrt
31-01-2017, 22:02
There is a free standing water tap in both of the public toilets.

POI Admin
26-02-2017, 14:12
Thank you. I have updated the POIs :D