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08-02-2017, 20:03
506775067850679 we are on the small commercial aire at calnegre there are three all priced at 6:50 one has electric available and one is on a beach we are on a nice peaceful one 1km from the beach bottom left of first picture no 87 i all the aires, we walked into the nearby village today had a menu dia 9 for 4 courses and a glass of wine we had tuna salad, chicken paella , whitebait and fries the whitebait were huge and delicious even for a non fish eater like me , all followed by a tiramisu , we had a couple of extra glasses of wine and on our return climbed up the side of a neighbouring hill to view the three secret bays , they would make a superb wild spot for anyone brave enough to drive the track, after the meal and walk we dozed in the sun all afternoon , sometimes life is bliss!!

John Thompson
09-02-2017, 08:24
The one on the beach clamped down on vans coming in and just topping up water and dumping waste at the displayed fee last year. He insisted you had to stay at least one night which was a slightly higher fee, which including waste dump as often as you wished. No facilities at all other than the water and dump. Water was paid for if you stayed or not, at 10 cents per 10 litres. We used at a few times over the years.