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22-02-2017, 14:29
Hi All,

Wasn't sure where to post / send this so I'll just drop it here. Stayed at this POI a short while ago, cars full of youts roving about playing loud music all night and van was egged at about midnightish. Didn't realise it was eggs till the morning and was asleep at the time so shat me up a bit! I'm sure that the youths were just having a smoke or something but caught a couple casting an eye over my van at one point, didn't feel particularly safe.

It's a shame because the view is spectacular, especially on a clear night I could see for miles, but I wouldn't want to stay there again.

LR Mow Cop (Cheshire)

Latitude = 53.125083
Longitude = -2.198639

I have got a couple of safe ones to add in the area though, will post when I've got a bit more time to look up the coordinates (is this the place I do that as well?)

Sorry if I'm in the wrong place, hope everyone is well x


POI Admin
22-02-2017, 20:06
Thanks for the information. I'll add a note to the POI description to alert people that it may not be a peaceful spot to stop. What day of the week did you stay? Weekdays I would hope would be better ...

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22-02-2017, 20:58
Yeah sounds like a plan - it really is a beautiful spot, so hopefully i was just unlucky. If others have stopped here or even posted in thefirst place then they can't have had the same experience as me. There are a few laybys along the same stretch of road so maybe i'd settled on the wrong one. Think it was a tuesday or wednesday though, definitely a school night.