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07-03-2017, 17:01
Saw these on the map so thought I'd check them out. Lovely spot ( can you feel a But coming ?) ...

But ...

They're down the end of a Private road. If I could load a piccy from my wee phone I would but upload files ain't working with my android.

There's a rather large sign ( no TRO -》 but if private wouldn't need one anyway ?). I'd rate it as a "Council tourist brown sign" which clearly states private & no onight.

Being familiar with the run of Mill invalid and useless Scotland No onighters i'd put this in a different league.

I wouldn't even compare it to the 'lighthouse shenanigans'.

Sorry to report. Anyone local with differing knowledge, perhaps ?

POI Admin
07-03-2017, 21:56
There aren't any signs visible on Streetview, and their car photographed the POI locations.

Are the signs new?

09-03-2017, 18:28
The sign is Just off the A road ... at the "start" of the private road. POIs another 300- 500m or so on. Toilets were signposted too but shut. Be a week or more b4 I'm home and upload piccy, sorry. There a "public" carpark there at the Jetty and signed "walk" ... just restrictions.

09-03-2017, 18:40
Ok as I've nowt better to 400m from home ... picture a brown touristy sign ...in Words.

Welcome to Sandside

This private owned area is open to the public by an agreement between Sandside Estate and the Highland Council. 2x logos and no o/night.

POI Admin
09-03-2017, 19:40
Thanks for the extra information. I think it's best to remove these POIs.

09-03-2017, 19:49
Sorry, I get no pleasure from this. As you know, I just report POIs as I find. ..good, bad, new or changed.