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15-03-2017, 18:21
Hi again from the Isle of Man. We are going to Shetland and Orkney next month. Travelling from Heysham to Aberdeen over 2 days, then a boat to Shetland, then Orkney, then Scrabster on the north coast with a 2 day run back to heysham.

Would like some pointers (as the POI Map is a little overwhelming) as to the most excellent and stunning places we can choose to stop over from your vast collective experience. Many thanks in advance :)


15-03-2017, 20:46
I've just come back from Orkneys.

Midhome on Rousay. Park at top of Hill (POI ) and walk down to Broch. Then go into shed and see Chambered tomb. Please don't Google it. I didn't. Guide books and tourist leaflets all passed me by with this one and by crikes was I glad. What an amazing experience to be surprised and blown away by something so spectacular in these days of "research" and planning. Easy 10min walk down hill.Take yur time walking back up. Not as bad as it looks.

When I get home I've some Orkney Piccys and a few POI updates for Chris 😉

Hoy, Naval base then Rackwick. 1hr walk to 'Old Man'.

Then there's the Obvious tourist haunts, of which my favourite is Tomb of the Eagles, followed by Skara Brae.
At Carpark to Italian Chapel, theres a wine shop, which does their own Orkney Red. Mighty fine but check opening times.

Not a bad starter for 10. Someone else will be along soon I hope with more.

Chrz Mul.

p.s. For Rousay be prepared to reverse on to Ferry. Winter timetable coming to end so Sunday Sailings should start on some routes. Unlike other wee Calmac ferry routes I've used. Booking on Orkney Ferries in advance is advisable. Although you can swap if boat empty. Sometimes difficult to swap in advance as booking offices shut on Sundays. Enough 4 now. Enjoy.

16-03-2017, 08:11
Great places to stop, but please note there is no lpg on the islands. The last one at Stornaway was closed down last year

David Morison
16-03-2017, 09:05
On Shetland there is a good spot by the churchyard at Tresta on Fetlar overlooking the stunning bay, with waste bins. Also a slightly muddy spot for a smaller van down the dirt track from the road at the North end of Loch of Cliff on Unst.

16-03-2017, 10:47
have to agree with the comments about Rousay - but as well has Midhow dont forget Yarso an intact neolithic tomb you have to crawl on your belly to get in but its worth it if (if you have a torch) Blackhammer and Tavisoe Tuick ( more neolithic tombs) are also worth seeing and being heavily restored dont involve crawling about or getting muddy.

One more point depending how much you like walking consider not taking the M/h, Rousay isnt a big island and 90% of what is worth seeing is within a couple of miles of the ferry (maybe a 6 mile return walk) going over as a foot passenger reduces the cost considerably .

For mainland Orkney my advise is avoid Skara Brae and Maes Howe (unless you really must) and vist Cuween, Wideford, Unstan (all neolithic tombs which are free to enter) take a walk up to the kitchener memorial tower (excellent parking close by) the cliffs of Yesnerby (more parking) and then go to south Ronaldsay to walk around the Hoxa gun battery (free with good parking)

Heysham in two days starting at Scrabster will mean a direct drive down the dreaded A9 its pretty much a full days drive from Scrabster to the border assuming that there are no hold ups on the A9 - and you cant rely on that!