View Full Version : Places in or near Windsor

18-03-2017, 16:52
Hi Everyone

I am planning a trip during the school Easter holidays with my family. We plan to first take our boys to Lego Land Windsor, Stay over for a night or two. Then drive onto South Wales and visit a few nice places in Wales.

Would appreciate any recommendations how where to stay or places to visit especially places suitable for young children. It will cost us around 150 just for entry to Legoland so if any body knows of any free Wild Camping spots to stay over for the night in Windsor to keep the cost down that would be super.

If not a nice site that isn't too expensive will do the trick.

Also being a while since I've been to Wales so places of interest in Wales will be appreciated. Places like castles, nice site seeing areas like waterfalls, rivers etc. Museums are always good to visit with the boys. Steam trains, things like this. Not sure if we will be going as far up as Snowdonia. Shame as North Wales offers loads in the way of Castles, Conwy Castle, Caernarfon Castle, the Great Orme, Llandudno,

Look forward to your comments