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21-03-2017, 13:15
Many of us take our Dogs abroad each year and there's always the problem of finding a Vet to administer the treatment for the Pet Passport.

This Google Map gives the location of recommended Vets throughout Europe - European Vets Recommended for Pet Passport (http://goo.gl/maps/dGJM)

It would be appreciated if you could post as much information as possible about the Vet you use on your return to the UK.

Some, or all, of the following information would assist other Dog owners and I will add it to the Google Map -

Name, address, cost of treatment, English spoken, opening hours, is an appointment necessary, ease of parking and any other practical information that you think is relevant.

Updated prices of Vets already on the Map would be helpful.


21-03-2017, 14:19
Used the Koblenz one a couple of weeks ago. Still expensive - euros 78 for 2 dogs (15kg and 17kg) but very nice, friendly staff who are happy to converse in their excellent English. Gave us the choice of tabs or injection.
It's a pleasant 30-40 min walk along the river banks from the Stellplatz.
We phoned beforehand and made an appointment for the following day.

21-03-2017, 14:23
I've just used this one near Santander
Clinicas Veterinarias
Barrio Corinas
39130 PADERNA (Cantabria)
tel 942501050
10 til 13 hrs 17-20 hrs Mon-Fri
10 til 13 hrs Sat

Consultation and check up 23e
Drontal x 2= 14.04e
Parking in front.
Not English spoken, but understood me.
Very nice vet and nurse. Free dog treats!

Also a guy in front of me at the ferry had got the timing wrong so the emergency vet was called. 45e.

21-03-2017, 15:15
Antonio - thanks for the information - Vet added to Google Map.

:dog: :dog: :dog: :dog:

21-03-2017, 17:32
I also used this vet for my dogs anti Leish booster.
He is very good and speaks English.

Luis Pastor
Balerma Veterinarios
C/Gongora, local 4
04712 BALERMA (Almeria)
tel; 950407396