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29-03-2017, 09:13
It looks like the German Road Tolls will finally be coming in. Maybe!
What the new 'foreigner toll' on the Autobahn will mean for you - The Local (https://www.thelocal.de/20170324/what-the-new-german-autobahn-toll-will-mean-for-you)

29-03-2017, 09:31
Gonna happen all over now, I fear, however, if only the motorways and autobahns, then not really relevant, certainly to us, we never use either where possible.
City centres will be a problem though, but Park and Ride is always a better option IMHO

29-03-2017, 12:44
This is encouraging us to go to Germany sooner, rather than later:banana:

29-03-2017, 13:01
I think from what I could gather on another forum you will be able to get short term passes for not very much

Tolls dont put me off visiting anywhere, in the great scheme of things they are a small percentage in the cost of a long trip. As said, you can choose not to use them if you wish.

29-03-2017, 15:19
I don't mind paying toll's and often do use toll roads if wanting to get easily from one area to another. But this looks like you'll have to buy a ticket just in case.

29-03-2017, 15:23
It's not really the money for me, it's all the faffing about! Sticker for this, sticker for that, then we have the added problems with over 3500KG.
Not to be negative, but the good days of motor homing are fading fast:scared:
Incidentally. I do have the French Tag for when I need it, but I don't make a habit of tolls!

David & Ann
29-03-2017, 16:09
Stay cool. It will not be until 2019 before the Tolls come into effect, that is if the Austrians withdraw their complaint. I expect other EU countries may possibly jump on the band wagon with Austria. So to this point trudge the roads through Germany and burn rubber before it might come into play around sometime in 2019.

29-03-2017, 18:07
Tolls generally are that bad, the problem for us is normally anything over 3500kg it rockets.

29-03-2017, 20:29
No problem for us British....
We will all be turned back at Calais after You-know-what-Xit.
Anyway, I'll insist in paying with Sterling.
Old Fivers and 1 coins.
Looks like we'll really HAVE to go this Autumn
Thanks Graham.

01-04-2017, 18:23
Why is Austria complaining, don't they already have motorway tolls? After we leave the EU, I wonder how long it will be before we start charging?

01-04-2017, 18:55
So we just charge them .. Simple .. As soon as you arrive at a port you pay a fee to use the roads .. Just think of the revenue that will generate from all the 27 EU Countries that want to send their goods here. It's not an import duty but if you want to deliver by road you pay ..