View Full Version : This maybe of interest ?

22-04-2017, 13:26
Came across this on the web
The Great British Public Toilet Map (https://greatbritishpublictoiletmap.rca.ac.uk/)

POI Admin
22-04-2017, 13:58
By coincidence I found this website yesterday.

The locations seem to be based on OpenStreetMap in the main. I cannot get the location search to work on a tablet.

I took another look at the free app Osmand. The maps are also based on OSM but are stored on your device. Toilets are shown and can be searched for and displayed on the map. Toilets form part of the Service POI set.

This is a better option in my view.

22-04-2017, 15:00
I looked at my at my area and the app appears to be at least 12 months out of date. One set of toilets no longer exists. Still a good app though.

POI Admin
22-04-2017, 15:06
OSM relies on the data and updates being provided by members of the public.

No guarantees therefore but it is as likely to be accurate as any other information source.

The laird
22-04-2017, 16:59
Just tested it and was spot on in my area at Livingston south railway station

22-04-2017, 17:48
Could be useful.