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22-04-2017, 14:35

I am planning our next trip in our motorhome and while I have driven the route a few times I never kept any record of how much it cost me on toll roads... I just remember having to draw money out allot at services :)

So I will be taking our Motorhome (Class 2) down from Calais to Granada and would like to do it in a week (ish) possibly stopping in Girona for a few nights depending on the route.

I know there are 3 main routes down and have gone via Madrid and Barcelona but would be interested to hear if there is a cheaper route, or what it cost people on average on Tolls to get to southern Spain.

Will help me figure out how many penny's i need to save!

Many Thanks

23-04-2017, 06:32
If you are allowing a week to get there go non tolls it's free and a lot more interesting, plus fuel is cheaper

23-04-2017, 06:43
This site is helpful for avoiding tolls.


El Veterano
23-04-2017, 09:48
Just set the GPS to 'Avoid Tolls'. There will be plenty of free motorway km's on the route through France. but it is probably best to pay for a few stretches of paying motorway as it can sometimes knock an hour or so off the toll free route per section. I have a house just South of Granada so I have driven the route a few times but only paid tolls on one trip when we were short of time. I'm assuming that you mean you have a week to get to Granada as opposed to Granada and back? If so a week is bags of time. To answer your question further I think it cost us about 100 for the full legnth of France but I have an idea that was for the round trip. However there are loads of websites that will work out the cost for your chosen route. Maybe take a look a Via Michelin for a start.

23-04-2017, 09:51
The ViaMichelin app is useful for route planning and has an 'avoid tolls' option. You can enter your vehicle details and fuel price and it will give you a total cost of the journey.


23-04-2017, 09:53
ViaMichelin: Michelin route planner and maps, restaurants, traffic news and hotel booking (https://www.viamichelin.com/) you can get costs for your trip here

24-04-2017, 07:47
Thanks allot - I didn't even know these Toll route planners existed!

I can add them to my seemingly obsessive collection of Apps and sat nav systems for route planning :)

24-04-2017, 07:52
Depends how fast you want to go. We have just come down to sunny Spain via the no tolls route. We have paid a few but not many. Nice drive average 28 mpg in 4250 kg .. A Class .. Didn't put my foot down and just enjoyed the ride. 4 aires on the way down. Route 66 takes you all the way down the west of Spain. Mostly dual carriageway.

24-04-2017, 17:36
We came down a few weeks ago - was going to use Somport tunnel, but missed it somehow and came over really scenic route past a couple of ski resorts where there were still skiers on the piste. Didn't pay a penny on Tolls.