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12-07-2006, 20:49
In Ayr between the 24hr Tesco and the race course is a rough car park. This is used on a Sunday for the market or when th fair is in town. This extends behind Tesco to a grassy area looking on to the race course.

Ayr sea front has a large car park at opposite end from the harbour free of charge and no visual restrictions. I have seen a few campers use this area.

29-08-2007, 23:14

Ayr sea front has a large car park at opposite end from the harbour free of charge and no visual restrictions. I have seen a few campers use this area.

Hey Knoxy if you mean the large coach & lorry park on the front then no doubt you may have spotted me there a favourite haunt when in that neck of the woods

merlin wanderer
30-08-2007, 07:51

25-05-2008, 21:20
Hey Knoxy,
Is that down near that Ayr India.
Thought it might have been a bit noisy with the youngsters
bootin' the gunnels out of their motors between speed bumps.
Or is it quieter at night?

21-07-2009, 10:25
Ayr sea front car park behind the esplanade has the biggest humps i've ever seen!

Got over them and spent a pleasant couple of nights there. No hassle, nothing but the beach and sea 5 yards away.

spirit driver
10-08-2011, 12:27
We have visited Ayr for two years now. We arrived last Wednesday 3rd August 2011. We stayed on the front near Ayr India.

The noise and parade of the young people in cars, started at about 6.00pm. There were well over fifty of them. The noise from the cars was high decibels.

At first we parked sideways onto the front, there were two other motor homes behind us, enjoying the view to Arran. At about 7.00pm children, male, aged about nine or ten, deliberately rode on there bicycles, at our van intent on causing damage.

I stuck my arm out of the van and that made them swerve. They then went of to try the same stunt with the vans behind me, they succeeded in damaging panels on both motor homes, and calling one occupant, a fat, speccy four eyed ****, and the occupant of the other van, was abused as well. This was because the motor home people challenged the children about what they had just done. Damaging a side panel of each motor home.

The couples in cars and vans that ride around is worse this year, and it reminded me of groups of people riding round kerb crawling. They never seemed to acknowledge one another, the girls were observed to be all dolled up with flowers in their hair and heavily made up, and all psyched up.

The next day Thursday, I spoke to two police officers in Ayr town centre, I asked them what was going on on the front with the parading vehicles and noise from souped up engines.

The police officers said they did not know the game that these young paraders were playing. (can you believe that, no, nor can I ), anyway the PC`s said the BIG humps were put in the car park to try to stop these people in cars parading around at night. They said many of them were working to be able to afford the cars. (this is something to think about, we in society are being dealt with in banks, hospitals, shops and various organizations by young people who drive around and around streets and car-parks in Ayr, (and other places) after work, until at least 10.30 pm, innately, wasting petrol and creating noise, then go off to work the following day as though they had been at home in their beds getting sleep to prepare them for work ).

We felt very intimidated by this group of people in vehicles, they came up to motor homes and circled around them staring into the front windows, as they roared away. One couple, wound down the window and threw a tub of sauce at the motor home.

We got the impression that this was a no go area in Ayr now, the young people clearly did not want anyone parking there at night, and viewed us with suspicion for some reason.

The authorities do not seem to be doing anything to curb this activity. They are just monitoring it eg police ride through the car park twice a night.

I might add, it is not only peculiar to Ayr, these young couples parading around at night, we have experienced it in most villages and towns, but Ayr was really bad and we observed the most vehicles.

So anyone going to Ayr needs to be aware...............

Spirit Driver

11-08-2011, 20:48
Go to maidens just outside ayr at culzean castle much nicer and close to the beach. As for the speed bumps that was due to our mischief back in 90/91 along there memories of water balloons soaking your mates in their cars

18-08-2011, 19:29
mmmm me too davy, i had a uva fugitive (still do in fact in bits in the garage) and my mate had a lightweight landy (still does tho its got moss growing on it) used to squeeze down the ramps and onto the beach for daftness.