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Liberty hall
16-05-2017, 17:43
Stolen motorhome
My mum and dad are in there late 70s and there pride and joy campervan that they built themselves was stolen last night they are really gutted they spend most weeks camping in the countryside and if they are not out in it they are adding things and buying things for it, i am waiting for some photo's of it at the moment to share ,they are now stuck inside with no means of transport ,and there one pleasure taken away . i am so angry REG NUMBER IS YL56 MSV

This is sent on behalf of the family ( no relation to me was just asked to post it here)

Thank you

16-05-2017, 17:52
Sorry to hear this. Make colour and area stolen would help.

16-05-2017, 17:58
It's one of the number 1 stolen van in U.K. Ford transit colour white and blue and for some reason it comes back as registered in 2010 so must be a private plate

16-05-2017, 18:00
Sorry to hear that, I hope they get it back but the chances are very slim I'm afraid, I would love to catch the scumbags in action, they wouldn't be able to steal anything when they've lost their fingers

16-05-2017, 18:01
Yes, give a full description & we'll have a better chance of spotting it. I expect it's on it's way to the south east where the gutter dwellers will try to take it abroad.

Hope your mum & dad get it back in one piece!


The laird
16-05-2017, 18:20
Low down scumbags

16-05-2017, 18:33
Where are they located?

Liberty hall
17-05-2017, 07:47
Morning all as i said in my opening post i was just asked to post that it had been stolen, i have been told that more details and images will be forthcoming until they do this is all the info i have sorry. Chris 356 didn't think of doing a check on line so on behalf of the owners thank you