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16-05-2017, 20:22
I was chatting to a mate who said he'd been told by another mate that there were some new Aires in France in which each space had a little hut thingy with it in which was your own private water, leccy and loo.

Trouble is, if his mate told him where they were, he couldn't remember and I can't see anything like it on a quick Google.

Ring a bell with anyone? Sounds very unlikely to me.... possibly just a misunderstanding about those pillars you see that dispense water and have a loo disposal point.

17-05-2017, 06:49
Don't know about Aires, but there's a campsite north of Perpignan with that arrangement.

17-05-2017, 09:22
The vast majority of Aires we've seen only have one or two hook up points on the Borne and everyone on site having your 'own' ehu is very rare.

Adding water and waste disposal to each pitch would add a considerable amount to the cost of setting up the Aire and I don't think many French authorities would have the cash to spend doing that.

That doesn't mean there isn't somewhere that has the facilities you mention but the overnight cost would probably be very high to cover the cost of providing all the facilities on each pitch and I can't see the typical French Motorhome Monsieur paying more when there's a cheaper option in the next village - as there always is.

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17-05-2017, 10:40
That sounds interesting - just finding my way around that site ..... will keep my eye on this thread - always handy to find out about recommended aires.