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20-06-2017, 22:00
I thought this very interesting.

The freedom camping goldmine - NZ's 29,500 motorhome owners | Stuff.co.nz (http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/92964105/the-freedom-camping-goldmine--nzs-29500-motorhome-owners)

Couple of quotes

By anonymously tracking*186 app*users and matching their movements with credit card transactions, he found they each spent*about $2000 over a three week period,

total annual spending by visiting freedom campers is about $380m and there is much debate about whether they are scrooges or spenders.

No adult is going to use a porta-potty, let's be realistic, it's gross.

But this:-

The Motor Caravan Association has invested $1m promoting the towns which welcome motorhomers​ by*providing freedom*camping areas and waste dump stations, which it*often pays for.

Tony Lee
20-06-2017, 23:26
Australia has similar schemes - RV Friendly towns that provide free or low cost overnighting for self-contained vehicles, an Australia-wide network of dump stations and drinking water, mostly free that have been subsidised by the CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (which also promotes the RV Friendly towns). Some towns make it very hard for RVers and in return the RVers shun those towns, but the great majority of towns away from the tourist traps do realise the benefits brought in by the Grey Nomads and encourage them as much as possible. Some areas have very long allowable stays - ie 3 months while others are just for one or two nights. NZ Scheme is more rigorously applied though and anyone caught in one of the designated camping grounds in a vehicle that is not officially certified for compliance is in trouble.

And not a height barrier to be seen.

One thing about the NZ article that wasn't picked up on is that although there might be only 5000 rental vans on the roads, they are on the roads for a good part of each year so in effect contribute more camping nights than the 30,000 private motorhomes do

21-06-2017, 07:36
Interesting to read.

John Thompson
21-06-2017, 07:52
While promoting The Motor Caravan Tourism Organisation (TMCTO) I mooted the idea of crowd funding the provision of water and dump facilities in the UK. This just fell on stony ground and didn't take off. Lots of people wants these facilities to be provided, but are not prepared to put their money where their mouth is.
The organisation failed because only one or two were will to do more than be keyboard warriors. When help was needed to have face to face meetings in various distant parts of the country, their were no volunteers, despite the possibility of friendly discussions and favourable outcomes. I gave up in despair.

I have always felt we should try to promote, the NZ model of self containment, for the UK. As long as vans are described as campervans despite not having toilet facilities or water storage on board, we are on a hiding to nowhere. They are day vans.