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21-06-2017, 13:38
Hi After being made redundant I became a carer for my elderly mum Who unfortunately passed away in March. 2017 at the age of 91, I had to sell her house to pay the tax man and my sister her share of the estate . Unfortunately my share would not cover the cost of a garage in Guildford Surrey let alone a house or one bedroom flat, so after a lot of research I bought a Hymer motorhome, and joined the caravan club I am now a continuous tourer , I have a residential address for my post and to vote, l have just started my own Business after training as a travelling Chimney sweep with a tow car to do my jobs. I have a web site on google.
So wild camping what is the law can a stay anywhere Are there designated wild camping areas. I know there is a wild camping maps for motorhomes in Europe. I bought a hymer 522 van as I wanted a motorhome that could go anywhere .
Thank you Paul chimney sweep.

23-06-2017, 07:46
Hi and welcome along. You can stop in most places unless it says you cannot.

POI Admin
23-06-2017, 13:46
Firstly, welcome and I hope you enjoy your new life :D

As a Full Member you have access to all the wild camping locations in the UK, France, Spain and Portugal. There are over 6,000 locations in the UK, over 3,000 in France, and around 1,800 in Spain and Portugal.

I suggest you dive in and take a look using the online POI Map here:


You won't be short of places to stay ...

The POI User Guide explains what the location prefixes mean:


In essence spending a night or two at any of the locations should not be a problem. The golden rules are to park considerately and not to put anything outside the vehicle.

Two things you'll be needing as a full-timer are water and toilet emptying facilities. We also record the location of Taps and Toilets. Toilets can usually be used for cassette emptying - just be discrete and considerate.

Water can be obtained in many places - garages often have taps so consider filling with fuel and asking for water. Cemeteries are another useful source.

Good luck with your business venture. Your customers might have outside taps you could use in return for a quid or two off their bill!

23-06-2017, 15:08
Sweeps are supposed to be lucky and to bring luck.
Let's hope it's true for you.

23-06-2017, 16:21
Hi and welcome to the forum, have fun

:welcome::camper::have fun::cheers::dog::scooter::boat::drive::goodluck:

24-06-2017, 20:21