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21-07-2006, 18:32
A a great overnight wild site is to be found 1/2 way up the Garth mountain just north of the village of Pentyrch (7miles north of Cardiff). I used to live in Pentyrch and so like to camp there.
For those who have sat nav it can be found found at
51.32.49 North / 3.17.22 West.

It is marked on O.S. maps as a picnic site and I've stopped there many times. The view is fantastic and the courting couples usually clear off at about midnight.
Always aproach from the Pentyrch end as from the Gwaelodd end it's via a 1 in 4 slope and one of the tightest corners I've ever seen.

The only facilities this site has is a litter bin but has the advantage of being flat.

Another site I've used when tired is the top of Caerphilly Mountain. This is only 5 miles or so from the centre of Cardiff and in the day has a refreshments as the local like to drive up the hill and sit and look at the view. Again no facilities apart from bins but who need them anyway?
It has the disadvantage of a slight slope.
To find Caerphilly mountain on the map, it's an a line between Cardiff and Caerphilly about a mile from Caerphilly and the site is marked on an O.S. map with a blue P