View Full Version : Rock the Lakes! August 17th to 21st

Ed on Toast
08-07-2017, 08:19
Rock the Lakes?

Come on you have a whole month to grow your hair

17th to 21st August, Tarleton, Southport, PR4 6JB.

Tickets available online, or from local outlets.

Not an official Wildcamping meet or gathering, just a whole long weekend of great music, beer and giggles.

Anyone fancy going?

45 includes all bands and camping. See website for further details, blar, blar, blar...

Rock The Lakes (http://www.rockthelakes.co.uk)

If this proves popular, there are many great rock tribute bands with free camping, if anyone fancies more such events?

Ed on Toast
08-07-2017, 10:12
The organisers will allow you to bring your own Horlicks and wear your favourate Slippers, if that helps!

08-07-2017, 10:14
That's the same weekend as glasson docks ?

08-07-2017, 10:15
Already going to a tribute band band concert called Wannasee in Penrith. Check that one out too, Ed.

10-07-2017, 13:27
Rock the Lakes doesn't mention motorhomes, just tents?

10-07-2017, 14:03
I went to this event a couple of years ago, it was brilliant. I went in the Motorhome, no problem, there were tents, caravans, home build motorhomes that looked amazing. Well organised event, they gave you a bag for your rubbish, that was collected everyday, and and a new bag issued.

Ed on Toast
10-07-2017, 15:24
Rock the Lakes doesn't mention motorhomes, just tents?

It doesn't but i have messaged the organisers and they say most welcome and if you click on the banner picture, loads of caravans, motorhomes and campers shown.

Ed on Toast
10-07-2017, 15:26
I must admit i thought the same and so checked before posting here. It is good to be sure.

10-07-2017, 15:35
Thanks for the clarification, Ed on Toast and Fingerless.I have also looked at the Wannabee festival near Penrith, looks a similar do but much closer to us.Not sure which to go to. Also attending Redefest in Aug.

Ed on Toast
11-07-2017, 07:48
All sound good. Do dates clash 😉

11-07-2017, 09:34
Rock the Lakes is 18th - 20th Aug, Penrith (Wannabee) a week later, Bank Holiday weekend.Redefest is early Aug.

11-07-2017, 11:20
Rock the lakes looks a great do may be getting tickets if my parter in crime wants to go.

12-07-2017, 08:16
souds intresting please put my name down annie

12-07-2017, 08:23
sorry il be going to grasson se you later