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15-08-2017, 05:10
CP rural
Goytre Monmouthshire
On the poi database.
Arrived 2pm yesterday.
Seemed great. Nice spot, dog walkers and the like.
BUT then 4 cars arrived.
All good cars some souped up 1 Bmw.
Young adults.
Cars would drive off and then return later.
People obviously friends.
No real noise ..some revving.
They stayed untill 11:30 pm
They mainly stayed in their cars smoking maybe cigarettes maybe more.
Seemed to have a pipe and also heating tin foil.
We had zero hassle from them and all quiet from 11:30.
Just made us uneasy !

15-08-2017, 05:14
We`ve had that in a few places as well, they didn`t bother us / give us grief but as you say it still makes you uneasy, it`s not nice :sad:

15-08-2017, 10:20
They are not there to give you any hassle, be assured.
They just want to quietly get on with their business, with no fuss.
A quiet car park, that we regularly use, has a dark side, under trees.
A car will creep in , the windows steam up and they eventually creep off... Leaving a couple of Sparklets gas bulbs and a McDonalds bag behind.

How romantic!
Maybe they wash the junk food down with Gin and Tonics?

15-08-2017, 15:44
Live and let live. It is probably their regular haunt, so we are the strangers. If you want security and privacy then it's probably better to use CL's/CS's. I spent a week in Powys last week and stayed one night in a CL on a farm. I was the only one there, except for the sheep, in an enormous field with views on three sides for 5, which is good value to fill and empty the tanks and gave me the ability to get the bbq and chairs out for once on the trip. All the other nights were in out of the way car parks.