View Full Version : Serbia and it's highway/crossing border

18-07-2009, 07:39
Hi,Sorry dont know of any campsites as yet but wanted to tell you of the road travelled and the dreaded border crossing........
Coming down from Budapest and heading for the borders of Serbia or Romania,the road is great,at Szeged you can either go straight on to Serbia or bypass and head for Mako and Romania.
Serbia border,quite big,modern-ish and very bossy,with guards strutting about being important,no smiling faces.
If you haven't a green card that actually says Serbia on it,then you'll have to pay up,approx 120 euro's and for us 8 hours use !!!!but still works out cheaper than turning round and going back into Romania and down through their roads..thats another story !!!beware at the mo,Romanian roads being dug up for 20 mile stretches and chaos !!
I'd fill up before Serbia unless your adventurous,then it should be plain sailing all down the motorway or main trunk road,easy driving,we didn't want to look round as we were travelling to Bulgaria,it looked a very beautifull country but i would research a little before 'mooching around',take care of speed limits as on the spot fines and corruption atribute to the police,especially slow down near the border with Bulgaria as they are parked up waiting for:) the unexpected !