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09-08-2009, 03:52
Hello everyone!

following the recent discussion about "environmental" issues reminded me of the position on Colonsay/ Oronsay.

Has anyone found a "wild" campsite on Colonsay?
By "wild" I mean the renegade who will accomodate us on their land and hence allow us to get on the ferry.
Their "tourist advert" makes it sound like the poor local would get stoned:-

Camping in Colonsay (http://www.colonsay.org.uk/camping.html)

Strange given they seem to be struggling to survive...
40,000 bounty to bring new settlers to a dying island | UK news | The Observer (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2008/jun/01/ruralaffairs.oil)

It may be appropriate not only allow stays at designated areas but this policy verges on social exclusion!

I'll certainly not be taking my money past Islay/ Jura when I travel later this month!
I probably would only have gone as a foot passenger anyway... but principles!

The MP for the islands really does need to snap out of it- last year we travelled from Vatersay up to Harris spending at least as much as we would have going abroad.
We only have a small van so tend to stay max 1 night in 2 or 3 rough camping- the others we either stay on sites or b&b/ hotels. I think the average rate per night (in Sept) was 90 - 140 per night plus dinner!

Maybe we should organise a "truck fuel" style convoy demonstration to the ferry port and blockade it until the comply with the countryside access that applies in non communist areas of the country? ;)