View Full Version : I do like to be beside the seaside!

15-08-2009, 15:08
We will be 'hanging out' (not literally, although I really should cut down on the donuts!!) at the far end of Barmouth promenade this Sunday and Monday if anyone is in the vicinity. We will also probably be there next weekend catching the end of the summer hols.

(CI Riviera 171...I will be the one sat with a glass of wine whilst the hubby chases the dog, the boys alternate between swimming and eating, the dog adds a few more crisp packets to his world record rubbish eating attempt and the laundry builds!!:eek:)

The Bingham family:)

18-08-2009, 13:46
We decided against staying at the end of the promanade as we usually do following a chat with a fellow motorhome owner who had heard that hefty fines were being imposed on people overnighting in their vans along the seafront.
This didn't seem to deter a lot of people, and the guy in the coffee shack at the end of the promonade assurred us that he had never seen or heard of anyone being moved on (if you have met him then you are aware that he knows everything that happens along there!!!)....however we felt it best to find an alternative spot.

As darkness fell we moved off the seafront and headed towards Dolgellau on the A496...just past Bontddu, on the left, we came across a lovely National Parks layby tucked back behind some trees with its own little picnic area and well sheilded from the road. Shortly after stopping another van pulled in behind us, the driver assured us that he had stayed there many times and never experienced any problems so we settled down and had a lovely nights sleep.
The next morning a couple of National Park wardens pulled into the layby, had a look around around, smiled and wished us good morning then drove off....so obviously no issue there.

There are a couple of large lay-bys along that stretch of road, set back and shielded by trees, so I think that on future visits we will be staying over in those rather than on the sea front where more and more 'no overnighting' signs appear to be springing up.:)

18-08-2009, 16:04
We must have passed you somewhere around there! Spent Thursday & Friday night on Shell Island (AKA Chav City), then wandered over to Butlins/Haven at Pwhelli (the Welsh now call it "Have No More" or something) for Saturday night. After that, wilded at Hen Blas Country Park on Anglesey followed by a day at Greenwood Forest Park.

We`re not going to Haven any more. 60.20 per night! We figured with the facilities on site plus an evenings entertainment and according to the brochure "only a modest charge" for some extras we`d have a good day. Pah! This place must be the capitol of rip-off Britain.

Greenwood is great and getting bigger and better all the time. Under 20 for two adults and an 8 year old sprog per day during peak season. Everything (excl food and drink!) is free. Entertainment is fine, activities are brill. The food is surprisingly good too.

18-08-2009, 21:04
!!!! 60.20 per night:eek: I don't think we will be dropping in there anytime soon either.

We have been thinking about heading over to Angelsey and stopping over in the carparks around Dulas Bay in the near future, we will have a look at Henblas whilst we are there, it looks very interesting especially with the kids in tow.:)

(We went to The greenwood a couple of years ago...do they still have the big bumpy slide that squirts water at you as you slide down it?...I couldn't get the kids (and hubby) off that, thank goodness for the coffee kiosk nearby!!)

18-08-2009, 22:15
We only "borrowed" a parking space overnight at Henblas so I dont know what they have. To be honest, it looked closed down but some staff did arrive at about 8-830am.

Yes, the Big Green Run or whatever its called is still at Greenwood. I think this place is the best thing Wales has got for kids (and grown ups!). Scotland has Landmark Centre at Carrbridge (up the road from Aviemore) which is very similar but still in its early days.

60.20! please don`t remind me. :mad: