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15-08-2009, 19:51
Hello all, i've had a wee look around the forum and it seems full of useful information. I'm a newbie camper - my first solo trip is next week to Orkney where i used to live for many years (i'm in Worcester now).
On the way back down i'd like to stop off and pitch my tent somwhere close to Inverness - probably just north if its getting too dark to pitch a tent. My boat leaves Orkney at 6pm so i'd be reaching Inverness about 9pm.
I read that under current laws you can pretty much pitch anywhere apart from private land (i.e gardens/farmer's fields/playing fields). Is this true.
So i'm after some tips on where to camp - i'll be just staying overnight and heading off down the road first thing so dont need any running water etc. However i would like somewhere quiet, off the main A9 if possible. And somewhere safe - nothing like "Dog Soldiers"!:)
Any advice much appreciated.

15-08-2009, 20:24
Hi and welcome Dmrevis;), I cant help you on locations near Inverness but I can confirm that you,ll be ok to pitch your tent almost anywhere in Scotland within reason.
Good luck on your travels and look forward to reading your posts:)

16-08-2009, 10:13
I,m assuming your ferry comes in at Ullapool?.If your stuck why not go on the campsite at at Ullapool?

Failing that the only other places I can think of is either side of the A835 "dirrie more" as you get onto the moorland bit.You could get down to Loch Glascarnoch side or try the Altguish inn.I,ve camped out the back of there before, after asking in the bar.This would leave you about an hour short of Inverness

17-08-2009, 19:11
Ullapool? No where near! Gills bay and i'll be driving as far as i can before dark - probs around inverness hence the question.

17-08-2009, 19:44
Gills Bay? This site is minutes away:

Stroma View (http://www.wildcamping.co.uk/forums/news/6817-site-being-upgraded.html)

18-08-2009, 18:49
Hi thanks, i'll have a wee look. The main thing i want to do though is get as far south as i can before dark so the drive down doesnt take as long the next morning.

18-08-2009, 20:01
Hi Dmrevis and welcome to the site. On your way back down the A9, when youve passed the cromarty firth, the first big roundabout at Tore. Take the A832 towards the Black Isle, theres a spot you can camp just after where the B9161 adjoins on the right. Its a large open car park(cinders and grass) that overlooks Munlochy bay. Its away from houses and has always been quiet when Ive used it. I think its about half a mile past the junction. Another spot is whilst youre on the 832 and youve gone through Tore you go through a forest with parking spots all the way through. But take the midge repellant, hope this helps.....Bob

19-08-2009, 18:53
Brilliant, thats just the sort of info i was after. Very thankful. Had a look on google maps and it sounds perfect.
edit: do you know what the fishing is like in the bay?