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21-08-2006, 19:19
A good spot is Netto's Car Park in Kirkstall on the A65. I've seen lots of Vans use it over the years, many returning year on year. It's also a fairly safe area and the Warner Village Cinema Complex etc. is just a few hundred yards away, as well as a wide choice of Restaurants and good Pubs, such as "The Cardigan Arms" (Bob's a great Landlord!) and The "Aire Of The Dog". Alongside Netto's is Iceland, a Shoe Store (name escapes me) and a Thurston's. The goods in Netto's and other Stores are fantastically priceworthy so, if you stay here, stocking up is a nice way of saying thanks! This Store was incidentally the first Netto Store to be opened in the UK. I have stayed on many Netto Car Parks here and abroad, as they're most always left permanently open. Anyone going to the deep South of Germany or Switzerland, I can heartily recommend the store Car Park in the Village of Jestetten, Germany!

better days
22-08-2006, 20:37
I am coming up to Yorkshire end of Sep, Visiting York for the Motorhome Show then into Leeds for a few days so I need somewhere to park up.
The Netto Car park looks OK, can I get water and is their somwhere to empty waste tanks:confused: Any other info would be gratefully recieved.
Better Days