View Full Version : Problem with campervan insurance during storage

18-04-2018, 20:09
We found the perfect spot to keep our campervan when we're not using it, on a farm just down the road from home. CCTV, gates locked overnight, our campervan and several others stored just behind the farmhouse. We also have a Thatcham category 1 alarm fitted. However our insurance company refuses to insure our van while it is stored there because it isn't a recognised storage site.
Has anyone else had this problem? We've seen lots of campervans kept on unofficial sites, but how do people manage with insurance? Can anyone advise us, and recommend insurance companies for whom this isn't an issue.

18-04-2018, 23:18
When I had my van in storage my premiums went up,even though the site was a CASSOA gold site-it had a dodgy postcode on an industrial estate!

19-04-2018, 06:06
We never had problem insuring our van on sites not cassoa registered we went through ceta ..although both were remote postcodes. One company said farms are tricky as they are targeted the most. You sound like you got a decent one with all the added security. Phone around there's bound to be one who will insure or try and ask others parked up there. :)

19-04-2018, 07:19
We use NFU and they were happy with our off site location, though not an approved site.

19-04-2018, 07:52
I put my van in storage on a farm not approved AIB did a streetview informed the insurer and were happy to offer cover.


19-04-2018, 07:56
NFU Chichester are very good. We have a rather expensive MH and most of the others want trackers and decent alarm. NFU are happy with neither.

19-04-2018, 08:31
We store on a campsite that is not CASSOA-registered; previously, we stored our caravan on a CASSOA Gold registered campsite. We got insurance quotes for both and there was only a few pounds difference. We ended up with Safeguard, who consider the storage to be 'private property': they didn't seem interested in the locked gates and CCTV.

John H
19-04-2018, 08:44
We are insured with Safeguard. The storage site we use is not an approved one but the insurance company had no problem with it.

19-04-2018, 13:24
We moved our motorhome off the drive at home to store it on a farm, and when we n0tified AIB they were able to continue cover and then even changed insurance company at renewal, without any issues.

I think the post code is a big factor in this; if the farm is in a low risk area you should be ok.