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23-08-2009, 12:41

Large boards like this on both main car parks

This one is from the car park in front of the water sport centre
You could stay there all night but it gets quite busy and would be a bit noisy in the morning

Me and Janet stayed on the large wooded car park which is just past the pub called the "wine press"
drive past the pub and take the left turning to the lake resource centre carry on past the centre and find a spot in the large wooded car park

We were there from 6.15 pm and left at 9.45 am so it just cost us 70p what a bargain
we had a very quiet night with no disturbances .

The two pubs that are just minutes walk from the car park both serve good food
The larger of the two pubs " the beach " is part of the two for one chain so you can buy two meals and you only pay for the dearest one


23-08-2009, 13:42
How big are the parking bays - I see it says the vehicle must be within the allotted space

23-08-2009, 14:25
The parking bays are standard size . But in the large car park in the woods there are about fifty marked spaces and the rest are just large areas of open space .

Plenty of room for the coachbuilt campers


08-04-2011, 01:08
there is also a campsite just past this area,you go past a pub called the Fisherman's Inn (i think),all facilities on site not a bad location,though i struggled to get tv reception,

09-04-2011, 08:03
Once parked my delica with bikes on the back at 4pm in November to get a meal at the cafe. I was one of four vehicles in a very large car park and was done for 30.00 because the bikes overhung the bay!

25-04-2011, 07:33
Just spent a few very nice days at Hollingworth staying on a site @ 12 a night good value, but discovered the car parks for camping while in the area lovely place lots of nice walks/cycle rides, good local pubs, lot's of nice picnic areas, will definately be going back for a couple of free nights:)

09-11-2013, 09:28
Had a night in the car park past the Wine Press, off the road to Rakewood, last week. There are plenty of sections beyond the initial bit by the visitor centre which don't have marked bays. We were in the next bit by the playground. There were a few comings and goings of cars during the evening - would probably go further down into the wooded areas if we went there again.

Still free from 6pm to 8am, but now 90p if you want an extra 2 hours. I see the POI says "Charge 1 overnight" which isn't quite right.

The POI also says no streetview but there is now -

is the entrance to the car park we used. There's a loo in the visitor centre which must have opened at 8 and there's a recycling bank round the right hand side for your empties! There's a nice walk down through the woods and by the stream too if you have a dog which needs to "stretch its legs" ;-)

POI Admin
09-11-2013, 13:27
Thanks for the update and extra information :D

18-03-2014, 06:30
Car park on side of lake stopped many nights,boy racers tend to use it and be a little noisy but not stay long,drop their litter and blow horns etc . Peaceful nights otherwise..