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26-08-2009, 09:51
Bretagne in general is still motorhome friendly. Unless the coastline of the Côtes d’Armor (dep 22 in the North). At more and more coastal municipalities overnight interdictions on parkings (from 10 PM to 9 AM) are emerging.:mad: But if you go a few km from the coast there wilding spots still can be found. (I’ll post some soon)
From east to west along the coast of north Bretagne:
Ïle et Vilaine (department 35)
- Mont St Michel (athough this is Normandy): the (mass)parking at the end of the dike in the swamp will soon disappear. MH parking on the mainland at the ca mpings. There is a new MH-aire at Huisnes-sur-Mer. (will have a look soon) There should also be a new parking at the seaside near the mill of Cherrieux
- St Bénoit-des-Ondes: no overnight (10PM >9AM)
- Cancale > Pointe du Grouin > Rothéneuf: no parking
Côtes d’Armor (department 22):
- St Jacut-de-la-Mer: no more parking near the point. The aire has been removed towards the south of the village
- Plévenon Cap Fréhel: Service in village; no parking ; Fort de la Latte: no overnight
- Pléhérel: the aire at the D34a has disapeared, no more parking. Pléhérel-plage no overnight (10PM >9AM)
- Sables d’Or-les-Pins: no overnight (10PM >9AM)
The coast from there towards St Brieuc is still OK for wilding. Only ‘Point de vue de la Cotentin’ is forbidden for MH’s
North from St Brieuc along the coast: most of the wilding places could still be used. Not in St Quay (barriers) and Bréhec: no overnight (10PM >9AM)
- Paimpol: only at reserved MH parking and aire. No overnight anymore at Pointe de l’Arcouest (> Île de Bréhat)
- Loguivy-de-la mer; harbour: no overnight (10PM >9AM)
- Pleubian (>Sillon de Talbert) the parking at the Sillon has almost disapeared. A new parking has no overnight (10PM >9AM).
- Trégueir: no overnight (10PM >9AM) at the harbour. There is an aire (40pl) around the corner. Services and parking at supermarkets ‘Super U’ and ‘Intermarché’
- Plougrescant: no overnight (10PM >9AM) at Le Gouffre, Pors Bugalez. Parking town hall still can be used. The aire at the ‘Plage du Québo’ is gone, barriers
- Port Blanc: no overnight (10PM >9AM)
- Perros- Guirec: no overnight (10PM >9AM) or barriers. Only possible at 1 official spot.
- Ploumanac’h: no parking + no overnight (10PM >9AM)
- Trégastel: no overnight (10PM >9AM) at Île Renote, Porz Corz
- Île Grande: only at the aire
- Trébeurden: only at the aire to the north. Pointe de Bihit: no overnight (10PM >9AM)
- Le Yaudet: no overnight (10PM >9AM) (does the sign only applies for a part of the P ?)
No problems at all in the Finistère (dep 29): VERY motorhome friendly, almost no restrictions.

lego baby
27-08-2009, 22:00
this is my first post. My wife & I enjoyed 4 great weeks touring the coasts
of Normandy,Brittany then the Loire Valley in our motorhome staying on a mixture of Aires & private sites.The advice we gained from this site was
invaluble to us on our first, but not last, visit to France. A special thank
you is due to the Belgian for his comprehensive listings.
The Aire at Le Vivier-sur-Mer is worth a mention, it lies between Cherrueix
& St-Benoit-des Ondes on the seaward side of the D797. There is space
for 10 camping cars @ 4.5 euros/ night. Almost next door is a moules & frittes
open air diner, very popular with locals & visitors. Lovely setting in the evening with the misty pyramid of Mont-St-Michel in the distance.
Hopefully when I get the hang of it I will post some pictures.

lego baby.

28-08-2009, 10:42
Hi legobaby
notice it is first post
welcome to the wildys
Thanks for the info