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11-09-2009, 11:21

The Ochil hills form the backdrop to the city of Stirling, and contain a decent amount of easy hill walking. There are various roads traversing the Ochils, but many of these are dirt tracks that you would not want to take a motorhome up.

Option 1

There is a private road with 2 car parks in its lower sections accessed from the A823 at Glen Devon. Follow the signs for St Andrews from Stirling (A91) this takes you along the hill foots road just below the Ochils hills. At Yetts, you'll take the A823 into Glen Devon. Just before the highest point on the pass, a road (signposted as a path to Frandy fisheries) heads off left. Take this road to a car park after about 200M. There's two car parks here, stick to the lower one as turning around is often not possible at the upper car park. (link (http://www.multimap.com/s/RhmT8GY8)) A Walk from here will take you to the upper and lower Glendevon Resoviours.

Option 2

Get back on the motorway and head for Dunblane, taking the B8033 into Dunblane. At the 1st large roundabout, take the right turn up a minor road signposted 'Sherriffmuir'. Follow this road, ensuring that you follow the road 90degrees left on the flat bit near the houses (!) and up the hill onto Sherriffmuir propper. Keep following the road past the memorial to the 'Battle of Sherriffmuir' to a T-Junction at the Sherriffmuir inn (nearest beer/toilets!) (link (http://www.multimap.com/s/Qgnb9Pe8)). Take a left turn up the hill once more. This road offers some nice views and a great deal of overnighting possibilities. The road meanders along the top for about 5 miles before descending to join the A9 (Stirling<-->Perth road).

Walks Info - Ben Cleuch

The hill foot villages were once home to thriving mills, powered by water from the Ochils the villages also have a long tradition of mining. Several paths into the Ochils leave from Alva, Tillicoultry and Dollar - passing old mining reminants and old mill pipework. For a trip up Ben Cleuch (the highest hill @ 721M), there are car parks at Alva & Tillicoultry with the car park at Alva being best for motorhomes. The path is steep in places.

Walks Info - Dumyat

An easy route up Dumyat is available from Sherriffmuir. At the Inn, take a right rather than a left turn and go down a hill and over a bridge. Follow this road for about 3 miles until you arrive at a parking Area for Dumyat on the left (a wee bit further on, on the right there is a bigger car park). There are overnighting possibilities on this road as well (you will have passed a car park on the right a wee bit beforehand too). Beware, that this road is narrow in places. Also, don't be tempted to go back to Stirling via the shortest route from here, its steep, has tight bends, and low branches - instead, go back to the Sherriffmuir inn and head for Dunblane. For other routes up Dumyat, and stopping spots in Stirling, see my Stirling post in the Stirlingshire forum.


11-09-2009, 15:35
Jeez, it must be about 25 years since I've been up the road to sherriffmuir, will always remember playing in the burn just down the road from the inn, can get pretty wild up there mind :)

11-09-2009, 15:49
Aye, I used to live up there in a wee rented cottage 'Stonehill Cottage'. Ruddy cold in the middle of winter!


11-09-2009, 15:58
veletron - also from a local - small world!

My boss' family estate owns your old abode (Stonehill Cottage) - and most of the land/farms around that side of Dunblane/Sheriffmuir/Ochils.

By the way, our local hill is spelt "Dumyat"

11-09-2009, 17:39

Small world indeed. Can't remember the name of the land-owner now, my dealings were with the rental crowd based in Perth. Was up there for 18 months - wanted to buy the place, but they were not for selling.

Have corrected the spelling!