View Full Version : Motorhome Parking nr Luton Airport

LDV Camper
19-09-2009, 20:47
Not strictly wildcamping but we have an early flight so wanted to sleep over somewhere then leave the 'van at airport parking while we fly. Trouble is we can't find any airport parking that will accept vans. Does anyone have any experience of somewhere that will? Help much appreciated.

22-09-2009, 08:43

Theres not many places to stay in the luton area, and to be honest I wouldn't want to. Your best bet is to go along the B653 towards WheatHampstead for about 2 miles and there are a few places to stop along there.

Luton is a non starter full of bad lads and travellers. I live just round the corner from the airport with a motorhome and already had the irish travellers try to steal it, in fact this morning I had one of their badly written notes asking to buy it!!!!!

WheatHampstead Is lovely in contrast.

If you dont mind the location you can park up in the car park to B&Q next to the airport parkway station if your over 2.3m high go round the back to get entry


22-09-2009, 11:53
i agree,we lived in luton for a while in burry park:eek: and it is a bit iffy to park .but wheat hampsted is lovely used to go fishing there, there is a nice pub there by the side of the river maybe able to stay there if not there is a car park a litte further down the lane if my memory serves me well worth a try in there .