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flying dog
16-09-2006, 23:14
We have just come back from Jura and we stayed in a truly beautiful place. As there is only one road, you should not get lost.Take the ferry over from Islay (which is the only way) then follow the road past the distillery and through the village (Craighouse). In about three miles you will see a parking area for Corran Sands. You can drive along the edge of the beach on a flat grass verge. No one will disturb you. There is a public toilet at the harbour in Craighouse and also at the ferry.

17-09-2006, 09:40
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12-12-2007, 15:14
Hope the blue bus is up and running.
I hope to have one son (a white one).
Corran sands sounds ace but isn't named on the 1:50 k map.

13-12-2007, 14:18
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13-12-2007, 14:35
Many years ago, we were staying in a b&b in Loch Sween which is opposite Jura.
We had a speedboat and went across to Jura (I think this was Craighouse as a small ferry came in) and the mist came down and when I say it came down, IT CAME DOWN!!!:eek:
We had no compass (usually we had one fixed, but had just changed boats and had not got around to this.):o
Eventually, we decided that it was time to head back and I thought that I could keep a straight line!!!!! Wrong, we ended up further up the coast on Jura.:eek: (We had gone round in a semi circle)
A local fisherman advised us to keep throwing paper out and keep looking back to make sure that we kept a straight line.:cool:
We had no paper, (and would be traveling much too fast for this) but decided to try it by keeping watch on our wake behind our boat, and make sure that it was straight and therefore we would go straight back to the mainland.;)
It worked and as we got across to the mainland, the mist lifted and we could see Loch Sween again.:cool:
What a big lesson we had that day!!!:o

13-12-2007, 18:39
What, no paper:eek: You could have dropped some Fivers and Tenners behind you:D:eek::)

13-12-2007, 18:48
What, no paper:eek: You could have dropped some Fivers and Tenners behind you:D:eek::)

He probably wasn't carrying any loose change.:D:D:D

21-03-2008, 19:03
Ta for reply - Leargybreck found on map.
Been hibernating since Dec 07.
White does beat blue.

29-10-2008, 20:33
I spent a week on Jura, was to be by bike, but the hostel at the North of the island was closed so I took my estate car. At Inverlussa near the end of the public road I was made welcome and parked and camped at the end of the road in the field. Otters apparently visited me when I was sleeping. Cups of tea provided from one of the two friendly residents, who told me he had come twenty years ago, in his van and eventually stayed. A magic spot and good coin op showers at Craighouse Hotel for the boating fraternity but open to all. Similar showers at Tarbet, by the marina. The facilities on the Crinan Canal were locked, requiring key access.

07-06-2012, 21:49
I can confirm that Corran Sands is a good spot, well placed for a fullround of the Paps, or to explore the woodland just north.

There is now a new road on Jura (probably track made up to construction vehicle standard, for a hydro scheme at Lochan Gleann Astaile. Heading south from the ferry, almost immediately turn left towards Knockbreac, where there is a road junction (up or along). This road provides a back door route to the western Paps, and is likely to be even quieter than the Craighouse road. I imagine there would be parking spaces, for example near the dam; I leave this as a challenge for someone to explore. Current Google Earth images predate the construction work.