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06-11-2009, 14:27
The French periodical “Le Monde du Camping-car” had a special this summer called ‘Les 80 plus beaux villages de France’ (the 80 most beautfull villages in France).
I happened to know some of them. I will not withold you from these nice MH-friendly villages.
I put some together (with MH info) in:

(…) = Michelin Atlas France
P= parking
M= aire
C= camping
W= wild

Small town between high white cliffs. Famous is the ‘Aiguille’: an arch on Falaise d’Aval. Also nice walks on top of the cliffs on both sides.
Office de Tourisme d'Etretat (http://www.etretat.net/office_de_tourisme_etretat/pages/anglais_accueil.php)

S in village équestre, «Le Tilleuil » 8€/day , N 49° 40' 54'' E 000° 12' 3. ''
P+S in C munic Grand Val, (entrance.E.) r.G.de Maupassant (D139) 5€/n, S=2€, N 49 42 1.5, E 0 12 59.1
S ext C »munic* » rte de Criquetot, 6€ /n, camping :12€/n, 15/3>15/10
M Place de la gare, (><gendarmerie) , 6pl , N 49° 42' 22'' E 00° 12' 25''
P >D940, Route du Havre, N 49 42 13.5, E 0 12 0.9
P > stade, > Falaise d’Amont, > Chapel ‘Notre Dame de la Garde’ N 49 42 39, E 0 12 22.2
P > Falaise d’Amont ,small P at the church of Bénouville N 49 43 3.7, E 0 15 5.9

A village citadel (by Vauban), completely surrounded by 17th century walls (3 km), and a medieval royal castle.
Office de Tourisme de Montreuil-sur-Mer et ses vallées - Pas de Calais - Proche Le Touquet, Berck et Boulogne sur Mer (http://www.tourisme-montreuillois.com/uk/actualite.php)

P Pl.Gen. De Gaulle, (not Saturday morning : market)
P gare
C camping municipal, ”La fontaine du Clers” downtown, Rue de l’église

St VALERY-sur- Somme (11AY11)
The old town is a watch-out at the mouth of the Somme. Also the place where Jeanne d’Arc was handed over by the Bougondians to the English. Nice walks on the quays ; and the ‘fruits de mer’ are delicious.
Somme/Picardy tourism / Saint-Valery-sur-Somme (http://www.visit-somme.co.uk/somme_tourisme/decouvrez/cote_picarde/saint_valery_sur_somme)
The aire is 1,5km from the centre up hill.
M aire munic, rue de la Croix l’Abbé, 7€/n, 60pl

A very old village loved by painters and roses
Mairie de Gerberoy, Oise, 60, visite de la ville des roses, tourisme (http://www.gerberoy.fr)

P on the road towards the village
P under the old walls near restaurant ‘Ambassade de Montmartre’

A forgotten village of 250 inhabitants. Renown for his Normandic-style houses, his boutiques and restaurants

Beuvron en Auge en Normandie - Office de tourisme de Cambremer, Beuvron en auge, communauté de communes de Cambremer (http://www.normandie-tourisme-information-cambremer.fr/normandie-tourisme-beuvron-en-auge.html)
M mairie ,Place de l’Europe, 10pl, S= free

A pictoresque fishing village. The place where William the Conqueror had his ship build before sailing to England. Not far from the famous lighthouse of Gatteville.
Ville de Barfleur (50) - Accueil (http://www.ville-barfleur.fr/accueil.html)

P >< harbour, next to Cour Ste Cathérine, 10pl, free
P next restaurant “Le Moderne” 5pl, free
S in C municipal “La Blanche Nef” S= 5,1€
In Gatteville:
P Phare Pointe de Barfleur, N 49 40 13.9, W 1 15 29.8
P Gatteville church (tap behind ‘square house’
W at the coast (near oysterfarm) N 49 41 37.8, W 1 16 59.7

(I have only another 74 villages to go now,:eek::o;))

06-11-2009, 14:54
May I add the village of Limeuil in the Dordogne on the confluence of the rivers Dordorgne and Vezere.

Perhaps a google will justify my opinion. ( plus I worked there )


06-11-2009, 17:53
May I add the village of Limeuil in the Dordogne on the confluence of the rivers Dordorgne and Vezere.

Perhaps a google will justify my opinion. ( plus I worked there )

Thanks for the add Channa, you could give first hand advice about Limeuil.
I will certainly mention it if I ever come as far down in the Dordogne in the next weeks or months. It has been years since we where there; but
could this still be correct ?
M aire munic. sous château
P > Périgueux,(sous pont) P rivière
P > confluance rvières
C ”La Ferme des Pautiraux* ch. De Paunat, S=4,5€, 14,8€/n, apr>sept

23-11-2009, 19:17
The most beautifull villages in France- part 2:
Petites cités de caractère de Bretagne

(…) = Michelin Atlas France
P= parking
M= aire
C= camping
W= wild

This is the nicest village, or small town, in Britany. All in granit from the XVI church up to every house. A scene for mumerous fims. Scene of the most famous ‘pardon’ in Brittany (the next is in 2013). A small marvel, and MH friendly:
M > P bus, (at entrance town) S=2€, 10pl ,P=3€/n (free out saison, 1 parking paid= a sticker for the rest of the year) , there are other parking possibilities on every public parking: eg downtown parking WC, tap no facilities.
Accueil (http://www.locronan.org/home-2)
a few overnight places around (at the coast) (99G32)
● P village >< Chapelle Ste Anne , WC
● W > côte N 48 8 2, W 4 16 3.1
● W panorama N 48 8 13.1, W 4 15 54.8
● W plage > Tréfuentec, WC, N 48 7 48.4, W 4 16 7.7
● W Pointe, N 48 7 33.3, W 4 17 2.9
● P Plage de Kervel N 48 6 55.9, W 4 16 48.9
● P W, N 48 8 51.3, W 4 16 14.1
● W : N 48 9 20.2, W 4 16 25.4

A small town dominated by the Rohan-castle at the Oust-river (canal). The small town is also worth visiting.
Josselin Castle - Morbihan, South of Brittany, France. (http://www.chateaujosselin.com)
M: under the castle, along the canal, 70pl, S= 2€ (but not flat)
P Plance d’Aiguillon (upper town, near the centre) N 47 57 14.2, W 2 32 40.4

LIZIO (124S36)
No castle, no special buidings, but what a jewel ; a forgotten village right out the XVII century. 150 artists are working here. Expositions shops….
lizio petite cité caractère Morbihan Bretagne sud (http://www.lizio.fr)
No MH-services
● P terrain de sport (water ?) N 47 51 54.1, W 2 31 26.7
● W Plan d’eau (lake) N 47 52 15.6, W 2 31 7

23-11-2009, 19:55
You should put a book together Leo ,I for one would buy it