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13-10-2006, 15:59
Hi all,
There is a new park and ride open in Stratford upon Avon with 20 dedicated motorhome spaces.
It's located adjacent to the A46/A3400 roundabout, (Stratford bypass/Birmingham Rd) entrance in Bishopton Lane.

Parking is free, bus to town is 1.30 return.

It is open 7.30am to 7.30pm. CCTV and security patrol, toilets, infomation office.

Reply to overnighting was they will not throw you out, neither will they say ok ; "If you are still here at 7.30pm, you will be locked in till 7.30am".

Being locked in gives you security, but if you had an emergency you couldn't get out.

When others ask us where to park in Stratford overnight, we usually recommend the B&Q/Halfords carpark (at the Halfords end), entrance at Tesco/B&Q roundabout on A3400 Birmingham Rd.
Or the service road for B&Q, Halfords, etc. It's quiet and never heard of any problems.
It is a left turn about 75 yards on the town side of the Tesco/B&Q roundabout, on the A3400 Birmingham Road.


19-10-2006, 00:37
Thanks for info voxy and as you seem to know the area is there anywhere else you could recommend as an overnighter this weekend nearer the NEC (all camp sites seem to be fully booked for miles around)

29-10-2006, 20:02
the park and ride at stratford is no longer a possible stop over .They have recently had twenty +, travelers make camp there and it took police and council quite a long time to get rid of them. We tried to stay (last weekend in oct. 06), and were told because of the trouble they just had with the travellers,they would not lock us in and the police would be called if we stayed. :( .
So we stayed in a large lay bye on the A46 about half a mile from the m40/a46 junction towards stratford.there was no bother ,there were two other motorhomes and a couple of wagons stayed the same night. :D