View Full Version : Looking for a spot near caslte tioram ( moidart )

26-12-2009, 13:32
Im heading away for a few days does anyone know of a good spot nr castle tioram in mthe moidart area??

26-12-2009, 17:19
Im heading away for a few days does anyone know of a good spot nr castle tioram in mthe moidart area??

We were up there last year, touring, as in B&B-ing. We stumbled across Castle Tioram (Cheerum). There is what I would say a pretty secluded parking area where you park up and walk to ruin. No idea if wilding is allowed though? If not, I can safely state, there are plenty places nearby to wild, I just can't name them..........sorry.


07-01-2010, 20:14
LOL . there used to be a no overight parking sign at the car park but there aint one anymore ( and no i never removed it ). also found out that the house near the car park is a holiday let, so never going to get any bother there.
There is a walk called "silver walk" that follows the coastline , and its one of the best short walks we have ever been on some tricky bits 3 ft wide path with cliff on one side and 20ft drop to the sea on the other.
follow the beach all the way to the end and there is a sign saying silver walk.
The full walk would take a while and its NOT circular but we doubled back at the bay that the walk brings you by, via a quick wander around the deserted village / croft houses up from the bay.

Also there is a road near the car park with a private road , but its not private land so a walk round there was good and a friendly game keeper lady waved with a smile twice as she put out food for the phesants . This is a circular walk by the salmon river sheil.

All in all great place to stay and friendly locals , had to get a jump start off an estate worker ( left toilet light on all night ) on main battery!!

Had a great time over christmas new year , but water tank was frozen solid from 1st night which was a pain and then ran out of gas but all in all was good!!

02-11-2013, 20:27
Just got back from Scotland.
Thank you so much for pointing us in the direction of this spot - the access from the 'main' road (itself a single track road!) is not for the faint hearted (or very long vehicles either) but we just gritted our teeth and boy was it worth it. Despite grim weather we felt privileged to be there, and were rewarded with enough of a break in the clouds to explore the castle and the beach the following morning. The fact that there are houses dotted about is reassuring, but it still felt pretty remote!
By the way the signpost just shows a castle, not named as Tioram. The signpost says Dorlin, which apparently is what the local name for it is.