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26-10-2006, 18:31
Just south of Kessingland on A12, as you run down hill there's a long layby right on the edge of the road, half a mile (or less) on the left is a layby where the road has been straightened, quite overgrown and difficult to find in the dark, used by a few trucks, use the gateway/field entrance; this then stops the 'fly tippers' and keeps it a quiet spot.

09-09-2008, 18:36
yes thanks for this one nosha,its handy to know:cool:

13-09-2009, 18:30
we stopped in here last night as we went to kessingland zoo sunday...
we took these pics on our way home.
view towards the north of the layby
parked in the field gate piece..be careful here as thats about as far as you can get over as there is a stream close by and a lot of rubbish..
the middle looking south.
pic was taken from where we stayed looking back to the field gate
we stayed here but the other way round..

13-09-2009, 18:35
As can be seen the layby is quite long and weekdays this can get full mainly from lorrys parking here.the layby is wide enough for 2 lorrys to pass as long as right over to the side..We only woke up when a lorry pulled away plus i needed the toilet.When we woke we found another camper had pulled into the layby.there was 4 when we went to sleep....
The trafic on the main road tends to almost go about 11pm then like a switch comes back at 6.30ish.
The views over the road are great.
just a bit of a shame of the rubbish at the side...
There is several other laybys that can take large motorhomes/RV no problems plus a nice clean toilets about 4 miles south.

donkey too
24-02-2011, 08:52
yes this is a nice place to stop and we stop there regular. I once stopped there after my cylinder head temp showed danger and called green flag, after they checked the engine over it was too late to carry on so decided to stay night. Got a couple of black bags and picked up all the litter around our little area. would you believe it about ten minutes later four kids in a go faster car stopped, ate their take away and chucked the wrappers out the window.:mad: took a pic and gave it to local law nut they said it was low priority. what they meant was they couldn't be bothered.

24-02-2011, 18:07
Glad you all found it OK! There was quite a bit of rubbish when we stopped.

Ah Bedford CF... that'll be due a cambelt about now... unless you have a Perkins 4.108!!

So much for progress, a cambelt you can change in your lunch hour (just) and an engine that is not detsroyed if the belt does snap!

25-02-2011, 18:51
no longer have the CF,It has gone to live with someone else needed something bigger due to arrival of a baby..I now wild camp in twin axle caravan and landrover discovery(looked very dodgy when i was using a transit as tow car) and in the year since being on the road with the big caravan only even had my door knocked twice by local police 1 time was to check we was ok the other was asking when we was moving..also been asked by a farmer once when i parked in a farm entrance when i was going as he needed to get a tractor in the field(he also told me i was welcome to stay overnight in his farmyard or sugar beet pad..

27-02-2011, 10:25
Only ever seen one caravan wilder, nr Corfe Castle... But why not!?!

I did my apprenticeship at a Vauxhall Bedford garage, so cut my teeth on Viva's, CF's, TK's etc!

11-03-2011, 15:55
there is 5 or 6 wilding in caravans round my area(felixstowe) and a few in motorhomes.