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29-12-2009, 17:54
Hi everyone,

Just joined the forums and would be glad of someone's advice.

We are going through France in Feb/March for two weeks, to Provence.
Get through tunnel about 7.30pm local time, and want to set off on the motorway in Reims direction, but doubt we will get further than St. Quentin or so.

Does anyone know where we can wild camp off this autoroute Calais-Reims, not too far off it, or should we try to get to Reims and is there somewhere quiet around the city edge? We have the All the Aires book and there are hardly any aires or campsites along this northern stretch of motorway, hence the wild camping idea.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

29-12-2009, 19:01
have a look here, nice easy site to use, but you have to check if the Aire is open in Feb. March should be OK most are open by then.

AireCampingCar.com : Toutes les aires de services pour Camping-Cars, dans toutes les régions de France (http://www.airecampingcar.com/)

If you are stuck just find a small village or town, find the bar and have a drink and or meal and ask to park, they usually have a car park and will let you stay for a night. Churches have car parks and so do Cemeteries,Stades (sports ground or "rec") I often stay on one or the other for a night.

Have fun, don't forget your extra blanket and wooly jumper, you will need them!


29-12-2009, 19:46
here are aires in france sites
Département 50 (http://www.campingcar-infos.com/Francais/affichaire.php?action=chercher&dept=50)

29-12-2009, 20:23
I pretty much agree, dump any worries, you can camp up in most villages in France and the only potential side reaction is you will be made welcome.

Occasionally the locals will see you as an eccentric and novelty if outside a normal tourist area, but they will embrace your prescence

Refreshing compared to the stuffiness and regulated UK... that is a guarantee

The attitude in my experience at least is that when wilding the local people accept that it is a forgone conclusion all you will leave is tyre tracks.

In my opinion you are visiting the most receptive people in the world to true camping, Forget you are British go with the notion you are travelling and you will be surprised in how receptive the locals whereever you drop anchor are.

As for me I cant wait till April, another opportunity to make a 'new'life

Bon voyage


30-12-2009, 09:11
Just comeback that way, week before Xmas.
Was cold, very cold.
We did Reims to Calais in a very easy day's drive.
At Reims we were going to overnight at the Stade Can't miss it, On the opposite side of the canal, right opposite the port de plaisance, but you'll probably need a couple of goes to get over the bridge.
There are signs for an aire, i think it on Parking "comedie" BUT it seems to be closed as they are laying tramlines all over the city.
From the stade its a very pleasant 5 min walk into town centre.

I agree with a previous poster on the way down use the small villages, worth going a little of the main roads.

One place i am def gonna stop next time i go that way is Longres, big town but looks like it has a walled city on the hill. not sure but looks interesting.

Have Fun,we are heading back down south early new year, but may take the coast route and see a bit of nth spain. But will be crossing Provence to get back to Genos.
Elnagh King, P327 OOA, always a beer, wine, coffee on tap

30-12-2009, 17:51
Have a look on:
Et voilà; le champagne vous attend :confused::rolleyes::D

John H
30-12-2009, 18:21
Try CAMPINGCAR-INFOS (http://www.campingcar-infos.com) for aires in France and further afield.

30-12-2009, 20:21
....and this one
camping-car: stationnements, aires de services, bons coins, BTS, annuaire étapes ACCL (http://a.ccl.free.fr/annuaire/accueil.htm)