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19-11-2006, 23:51
Come off at Juct 29 plenty of places to stop,(North going South) turn left and once off the slip road turn left,past Nova hotel,then left again it will bring you onto Walton Summit.(South going North) come off Juct 29 go up slip road keep right and continue straight over roundabout this will bring you parrell with M6 for a few hundred mtrs at next roundabout turn right ...same directions as above Ind park a large site but quiet enough to get your head down and roads are wide enough not to get wing mirrors clipped I haven't seen any signs saying no over nighting! 24hr garage and Asda just up the road.http://mc.multimap.com/cs/mi39//X14/Y17/X1428Y1700S10W700H400.gif

Come off same Juct follow signs for A6, If north to south cross M/Way and take 1st turning right signed B6528 into Bamber Bridge a few places t stop without being annoyed in the center, as per the map If comming South then turn off M/way signed A6 then take 2nd roundabout 3rd exit and follow rd round turn right at lights you are now in the area
Or come off and follow signs for A6 (if comming North to South) come off juct 29 carry straight over roundabout as if tyou are heading onto M65 or back onto M6 on the roundabout turn right onto M65 follow it round quicker than sitting at the 2 lots of lights follow A6 over another roundabout and you will see a large retail park safe there just park away from Mc'chavs a couple decent pubs nearby that does food as well.

Last one come off juct 29 and pick up A49/Wigan Rd/Sue Rider thersw a few carparks for Cureden Valley depending on your height there will depned on wgich area you can stop worth it though as deer are in the park and a handy stop minutes from motorway. Also there is a large B&Q/Burgerking with a massive car park you can stop in on the A6 Sainsburys and pub just over the road

Cureden Valley,
BQ site (safe as HGV drivers use it as well big enough to have your distance though)

20-11-2006, 08:55
Thanks for the extra work and effort in making these places so simple to find. A lesson for us all perhaps.

07-10-2010, 05:14
as the message was from a few years back does anybody know if these are still OK - we have a van going to Peter Hambletons early Monday morning in a week or so and need somewhere to overnight (van, plus car to get back to the borders) on the Sunday night.

07-10-2010, 08:13
Why not just ring Peter? He's a lovely bloke, sure to be of help.

If you are stuck then there is a CL past Todd Motorhomes, which is south of Peter's I drove past the sign when I picked up our Hymer. I believe its off Leyland Road, if you take a right at the roundabout at the top of Peter's lane you see a sign on your right after about a mile or so.

07-10-2010, 13:22
Thanks for that - had thought of that CL which we used quite a few years ago, but we are no longer members of either of the clubs so thats out. Happy to park up somewhere quiet and out of the way so will take a chance on some of those mentioned not having been developed or having gained No Overnighting signs.

07-10-2010, 17:46
Hi sprokit,

Check out the area with google earth. It will be a little more up to date than the original posting. It could still be 2 years old on google earth though.

07-10-2010, 18:31
already thought about google - worked a treat looking for somewhere down at lincoln a week or so back.