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01-03-2010, 18:52
Any fellow M/H owners know of a spot or site for a few days stay..adults only and preferably on the seafront,walking distance from the pub and monkeybike distance from town..andy

wee zee
01-03-2010, 21:08
overnight in car park on seafront...free after 10pm

02-03-2010, 08:45
Any fellow M/H owners know of a spot or site for a few days stay..adults only and preferably on the seafront,walking distance from the pub and monkeybike distance from town..andy

Hi Andy, the best spot we've found is at Fowey. Got the lot, pubs, chinese, restaurants, museum, boat trips up the river and to places like Megavissy, Its a flat second car park 150 yds on the way out from town. This is the best way in by the way, don't use the ferry road in, as not suitable for M/homes. 5 miles of hedges rubing you both sides and it busy. Water taps are available along the rear side of the car park, and toilets 150 yards away in the town. A water taxi in available to take you to the far side of town for a 1, as its a small hill up and over. Had a great time, and can't wait to get back this year at least a few times.
We tend to do Brixam and Loo on the way down, so it makes a really nice trip. Observe the parking rules as they are strict, which keeps it nice.




Rgd's Graham.

02-03-2010, 15:25
graham,thanks -that will do for me and BTW thats a tidy m/h bit bigger than mine tho.

02-03-2010, 17:02
Thanks Andy, I was made an offer on a new A class Dethleffs that I could'nt refuse. 400 more that I paid for the Kontiki new last March, plus 10,000 off their new price. This was at the NEC, as the dealers get a special discount at the shows from the manufactures. The quality and low large bed makes them well worth while. We will be going a few times this year to Fowey, perhaps we could meet up there and anyone else that's interested. Roll on the summer. Pic is at Dallish Warren on the way home from picking it up. Yet another good site to wild camp, with hard standings specially for M/homes at the far end. Loveing wildcamping so much, we are getting a crystal ball, and a few pegs to sell.
Rgds' Graham.


02-03-2010, 19:11
strangly enough my mate in stoney had a kontiki tag and he got an esprit after looking at the build quality of mine,he got it from lazydays too.
yip we will be down mid july.we were going to do some wilding and some sites but you reckon we could stay at fowey for a few days?got any more stops?????

02-03-2010, 21:58
Hi Andy, we will probably be down in July as well. So we will have to tie up as and when. If I wasn't an old fart next Friday (65). I would probably look for a house down there. The other place we love is the second harbour at Brixham, see pic's. The council there provides a car park guide for Devon and are M/home friendly, all at 4 a night. You can also book your place in advance, but had a booklet from the car park attendants showing them all. To get there go throught the town harbour and keep to the left at the end. It says coach park or something like it. Up and over then keep right and down to the large harbour. Fishing is great as a local pulled out 7 bass in an hour on fresh prawns. See from the pics that you are right on the waters edge, A ten foot drop with grassed area and benches. So relaxing and the town just a short walk along the waters edge. You will then go past the fish market where they open a side door, and sell the fresh fish, the monkfish are great. Then on to the old harbour with its shops, restaurants, and live entertainment on special weeks like the tall ships etc, details available on the net. Where can you get a better view and be right in the middle of things, take some beating? Just got to crack the water every few days, then perfection. Its better than finding a site a couple of miles away and having to walk to town. Going down there in about three weeks to get the m/H batteries changed. http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv350/tiderus/903149.jpg



My other wildcamp is once a fortnight doing a trip from Tywyn Wales, to Oaklands auction near Hawkstone park, on the A49 Shropshire on a friday. (see the net) The owner lets me camp there till the auction Saturday, great, although there's a few pull ins nearby. Then after we go on the brum to fill up at the warehouse cheaply. See friends Sat night, plus a chinese. Then Sunday do the big car boot and market at Furnace end. So all in all with the price of fuel now, we fit in all we can and have a good time and shop up. Who said m/homes aren't versatile, This way the savings make it a cheap trip out.
Rgd's Graham