View Full Version : Loch Fyne camping around Furnace

03-03-2010, 20:21
I'm planning a fishing trip with my brother in law in April if the weather is good. We fished at Furnace last year but went home at the end of the day. However thats a 2 hour drive and we thought this time we may stay over.
Last year though we came accross many rowdy campers and a few "neds" as it was easter weekend. We are planning for the same weekend this year. No offence to anyone here but we'd like to avoid those sorts of people this time - we are there to fish and they were just there drinking and being loud. Is there anywhere that people know of close by to camp. A bonus would advice from anyone who also fishes the area and could lend advice on good camping spots that also offer good easy fishing like at Furnace.

13-03-2012, 19:51
i know this thread is an old 1 but just incase anyone is looking for somewhere here in future furnace is always full of neds especially at holiday weekends i would say try across the water from furnace much quieter