View Full Version : Laxford Bridge, Multi coloured Rock Stop

14-03-2010, 09:43
A838 from Durness, south almost to Laxford Bridge, near where the road meets the northern shore of Loch Laxford there is a scenic parking area. This car park is known as the 'Multi Coloured Rock Stop'. It is a famous site due to the rock face on the opposite side of the road, which when drilled out for the road, has beautifully exposed a cliff face of Lewisian Gniess, the oldest rock type in Europe and one of the oldest rocks in the world, 3000 million years old! Geologists visit this site often to view the rock and to collect samples. We discovered this site as we were driving by and seen a Japanese guy doing just this, and so pulled in. He told us not to take a hammer to the cliff face sections as this can be dangerous. Better to collect from fallen rock samples at the bottom of the cliff.