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03-04-2010, 09:02
anybody been to isle of man any info would be helpful

03-04-2010, 12:08
I go to the manx GP races every year not always in the bus, sometimes stay with a friend if I go on the bike, last year I went for both TT and GP I always wildcamp when in the campa, the police are OK and never bother you,I have stayed on Douglas front quite a few times and at the Bungalow (mountain road),you can stay at Mooragh park in Ramsey free, there is also Sulby Cladagh also free, a lot of locals rent their houses out for the TT and stay here in MH so it does get packed but is a good place to fill up and empty-out, I usually choose where to stay depending on where I watch the races from.. all in all a great place to stay...The downfall is the ferry prices It cost me 407 return TT week, that's for a camper under 5.5mtrs just for myself and Daughter, but is cheaper out of race season...The I.O.M. Steam Racket Company have you by the proverbials I,m afraid..(whoops Freudian slip should read Steam Packet Co)..... Nicky and Nic (stormycat) are Manx folk they could give you a lot more info if they are still out there...

05-04-2010, 12:16
h we have look at all free sits for isle of man come up with 5 2 you can stop on for 14 days mooragh park in ramsey go town hall with your insurans for a permit sulby claddagh toiles on this site one at kirk michel the bungalow on mountin road on south a pub called the siding staion road castletown if you hear of eny more e.mail diggdeep@talktalk.net

05-04-2010, 12:58
I used to live on the IOM before my escape, but yes wildcamping is not really a problem there. Main reasons are most of the guest houses are gone, and because of the high cost of getting there I think they now aknowledge visitors need to save pennies where possible. Because there is no real tourisist industry as such, again because of the prohibitive ferry cost the island and its businesses are glad of any visitors. Obviously dont park on any restrictive parking, most of Douglas is now restrictive although the wardens might turn a blind eye during TT. As well as whats been mentioned, there are good spots in St Johns, depends what you want really, in amongst it, or a quiet spot. I've even camped up on Peel pier, but I'm not a lover of Peel, so tend to stay in Ramsey

When you catch the ferry, take on board a flask of tea or coffee and something to eat, again you will save because the prices on board are a complete rip off. Also be aware some businesses will inflate their prices to rake it in over TT, Ive seen greasy burgers from a van priced at 4-50, but there is a Tesco's in Douglas and other supermarkets across the island to satisfy self catering needs. Most harbours have facilities for emptying your toilet, and a tap for filling up with water.

You can also save by filling up the fuel tank, the island sticks around 12p on a litre, also if you use the fast craft dont carry any fuel in cans, they will take it off you, or you can deny you have any and just hide it well.

05-04-2010, 14:33
Hi, we have just got back from the Isle Of Man , we stayed in Douglas for four nights on the the car park next to the steam packet offices, which is next to the ferry terminal , and opposite the police station , 24 hour parking for 3.50 , we paid 172 for 5.5m camper and two passenger this being a midweek special price sailing from Heysham .

08-06-2010, 19:55
I have found good answers here. Can someone tell me if we can take our dog with us to the IOM?