We only send out membership packs to Full Members that request one.

PayPal does not send us your address, so before requesting a pack please make sure that you have filled out your address in your profile.

I would suggest that you open the website in a new tab or window so that you can follow these instructions.

1) In the top righthand corner of the wildcamping.co.uk webpage clicking on 'settings'

2) Look down the lefthand side of the page until you find the 'my settings' box

3) You should see my profile, edit profile. click on 'edit profile'

4) scroll down the page until you see the box for 'first name', please enter your first name in this box.

5) Now scroll down further until you see 'surname', and the address boxes, fill out these boxes with your correct details.

6) click 'save changes' near the bottom of that section.

Once you have done this please open a membership pack request.

1) Click on "Contact us" near the bottom right of the page (in the green bar)

2) Select "Membership pack request".

3) In the message box please type "Please send me a membership pack".

4) Press the "send" button.

All done!