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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post

    After the recent forum update, there has been one feature that no longer works correctly. This is that the front page (vbAdvanced) no longer marks threads as read correctly. The actual forum software does, but the front page does not. Vbulletin has removed some core code that the modules rely on. After many hours of searching no one with Vbulletin 4 has managed to fix this problem. I am guessing that they have done it deliberately to force forums to upgrade to VBulletin 5.

    I have changed the "Whats new?" button on the navigation bar to display unread posts since your last visit from all forums as a temp fix.

    VBulletin 5 has been around for 5 years now and is very stable but is nowhere near as flexible as VBulletin 4. My problem is that the current POI system is intertwined into the VBulletin 4 code and VBulletin 5 won't support it. The new POI system is stand alone and only uses the member database for access control.
    VBulletin 4 has now had its last release, so we do have to upgrade to a supported backend for security reasons.

    So the plan...

    I have installed a version of VBulletin 5 today on the server and have populated it with a backup copy of this forum. Once I have got it to perform more like this current site I will ask members to go and have a look and give me feedback. Then we can look at changing over from one to the other.

    I may do this on 1st of October or 1st of November depending how much time I get.

    I will keep you updated.
    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, but I am sure it will be wonderful once the gremlins have been sent packing.
    Well done!

    Sue & Martin
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonshadow View Post
    , but I am sure it will be wonderful once the gremlins have been sent packing.
    The gremlins haven't been sent packing, they are on the brexit thread arguing who is the most intelligent
    Who was that gobby southerner who kept saying If they don't like me they can fcuk off
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