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    April POI release

    The April POI release is available for download ...

    The next release will be at the beginning of May.

    Last July the Toilets POI downloads were updated. There are just over 6,000 UK toilet locatimons included. Please note that this information is sourced from OpenStreetMap and is not maintained by Wild Camping. Consequently bear in mind that any inaccuracies are not our responsibility.

    Nonetheless it is potentially very useful in finding additional places to fill with water, or to dispose of your toilet cassette contents - with care, consideration and cleanliness of course!


    Streetview images ...

    Please remember that these images may not always reflect what you will find at a POI location - the image may be several years old. In a small number of cases there is no image available.


    Iberia (Portugal and Spain) POIs are now available!

    There are now 2,063 places!

    Make sure you update your devices, or access these new entries using the app or online POI Map if you're heading south ...

    My Winter 2016/2017 trip to Spain and Portugal was very fruitful, but also quite exhausting! Read about it here:

    My Iberia POI research trip ...

    Note that the Iberia POIs do not include links to Streetview. A conscious decision has been taken not to include these. This is because they take work to maintain, and in addition if you use our Wild Camping app or online POI Map, access to Streetview is available directly.


    If you plan to use the POIs on a satnav, please read this first:

    What do I do with a new release?


    To make best use of the POIs, and to understand what the POI prefixes mean, please have a look at the User Guides which you will find here:



    The wilding spots for France are not only aires but include many rural and urban car parks and laybys. There are now 3,673 locations!

    Thanks to lots of contributions by members there has been a healthy increase over the past month.

    Most of the France POIs have been carefully selected on the basis of member recommendations, and offer peaceful, pleasant locations. For the significant number of members who holiday in France, or visit for longer periods, these POIs will be an excellent starting point to help find a good overnight stopping place. Again more places will be most welcome.


    The wilding spots for Portugal and Spain are not only aires but include many rural and urban car parks, and less formal locations too. 2,000 plus meticulously researched spots many of which I have visited.

    All the Iberia POIs have been carefully selected. For the significant number of members who holiday in Portugal and Spain, or visit for longer periods, these POIs will be an excellent starting point to help find a good overnight stopping place. Again more places will be most welcome, as will updates to the existing entries.


    The number of UK wild camping POIs added continues to increase gradually with 6,718 locations for you to choose which includes 545 pub stops where you can expect a warm welcome. Whilst on your holiday travels please see if you can contribute some new places. Don't forget you can do this directly from your smartphone using the Wild Camping app - for links see below.

    Have a look at this thread for other ways to contribute:

    The number of UK tap locations submitted has slowed down, even so there are 550 taps pinpointed. Please help boost these numbers. Remember that those named WT (Water Toilets) may well be usable for chemical toilet disposal too. Post the details in this forum please WaterPOI Locations

    And don't forget that there's a separate POI download for Public Toilets in the UK which may help you locate a suitable place to empty your toilet cassette.


    Users of Apple and Android tablets and smartphones are encouraged to use our very own Wild Camping app. Full details can be found here:

    Many people use the app with offline mapping on their smart devices. If you do so there’s an easy way to load the POI information. Have a look at this thread:

    Using POI kml files with - Maps with me.


    The Google Earth KML files will display with custom icons in Google Earth to make it easier to differentiate between the POIs.

    Another important feature highlights locations known to have access restrictions by having their names enclosed in square brackets e.g. [ CR North Wallop (Wallopshire) ]

    It is highly advisable with such locations to check them out with Google Earth, Autoroute or the Wild Camping App before travelling. The description will tell you what the restriction comprises - it may advise use by smaller vehicles and/or it may advise to approach from a specific direction.

    Read more about this feature here:

    Restricted access POI locations


    Please do remember that locations are deleted as well as added, so ALWAYS keep your devices up-to-date.


    Especially for the advice of newer members, we rely on feedback and updates to keep the information as fresh as possible. All feedback is received gratefully - please use the links under Site Navigation on the home page, or simply email the details to

    Have fun and enjoy
    Remember - POI additions and updates can be sent by email to
    Thanks Jo001, toasty, Asterix, Admin, wfdTamar, TJBi, Mul, Clunegapyears thanked for this post

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    Note to self,
    Must pay more attention instead of fannying around doing other things and update these when POI Admin ( Chris ) puts the latest updates on here
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    Thankyou ... updating.

    Still using Autoroute 2010, as well ".csv" :thumbs:
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