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I would like to point out that kenspain made an unwarranted personal dig at me. I merely reacted, which I admit I should have been the bigger man and ignored it, so apologies to all. I do not want this to turn into an argument as we are better than that, and I have not the heart for it having now received distressing news that my sister has been diagnosed with terminal cancer (Her ahole doctor has insisted on it being a chest infection for months) I am not in a good place at the moment. So once again, my apologies.
Sorry to hear about you sister, cancer took my mum when i was 15 years old. 2nd I am loyal to my country , I was born in Spain my parents were in the military stationed in Gibraltar when i decided to pop out 2 months early they never had the facilities in Gib for premature baby so the took me into a Spanish hospital so officially i am Spanish. I hope now you understand why i answered you like i did.