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Thread: Bloody Sunday

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevskoda View Post
    Yes my old reg,paddy is a tough lot.

    Also read Paddy blair mayne one of the most highly decorated in ww2.

    We will never be flattened.
    I was , of course , referring to you fighting for England . Seems a bit disrespectful to the other countries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tbear View Post
    OK I did not expect you to take it so literally. Nobody expects the Royal Navy to shell Belfast. The point was that my Irish friend has lost all hope of seeing a proper end to the troubles in N Ireland unless something really drastic happens. The one thing that I learned from helping treat the burns victims when they came back from the Falklands conflict was that nobody wins a war. Just one side looses a little less.

    Thats true there are no winners in war just sad losses,the fact is no one or very few up norf want a united ireland ,but a small narrow minded republican lot will kill to force it upon us.
    first there is a very poor health service down south and a poor dole and non of the benifits folk being brittish by birth get up here.
    It is also a fact that people here are irish/scotch and differ from people down south who are viking by nature in there dna,ok so people think we should move on,me for one but intrenched in peoples minds is the past which will be hard to sort out,hopefully it will in the future.
    No people were harmed in this garbage i have just typed.
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    Only dirty people wash
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    selection in the army is a multistage policy, aptitude is the criteria anyone with a mechanical logic is headed to the royal engineers or REME, physical fitness a requirement for the paras or the marines i was a sapper & would no way have managed the yomping the paras & marines did in the falklands,
    there is a fitness standard for either of these elite fighting units i applied for 59commando royal engineers when they were first formed in 71 but knackered my ankle jumping out of a basket never got near a plane and my ankle still plays me up so never got back, but the ultimate unit the SAS donít have a fitness criteria they are only concerned with mental toughness if the heads right everything else will follow,
    the old joke was at selection the I Q results were read out 90/100 your in the engineers 85/90 your REME and so on the last few with an IQ of 1 were asked to produce birth certificates if they had one they were cooks if they hadnít they were RMPs
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