The farmer has been at the market and now he's heading home. He has bought some things he needs for the farm, a yard brush and a rake, two chickens, a duck, a bucket and a big tin of whitewash. On the way he is stopped by this middle aged lady, she's well dressed and she's never seen the hunger. She asks the farmer if he could direct her to Molly Magee's house. "I can surely", says the farmer, "just follow me, its on my way and I know a shortcut"
So he's tipping along and the blade see's he's heading for an alley which is a bit dark, she stops at the alley and says to the farmer, "here sir, I'm not going into that alley, it looks very dark, I'm a poor widow and unable to defend myself against a strapping fella like yourself?" sure how do I know you won't yoke on me and have your wicked way with me?"
The farmer is perplexed, he heaves a sigh and says "for the love of jaysas woman, sure how could I yoke on you, and me standing here holding a rake, a brush, a bucket, a tin of white wash, two chickens and a duck?"
And the widow says, "put the duck on the ground and cover it with the bucket, put the tin of whitewash on the bucket, rest the rake and the brush against the wall and I'll hold yer feckin chickens.