A turkey finds his ability to fly greatly impaired and can’t even fly to lowest branches of a nearby tree. Bemoaning his inability to fly he he shouts at the world, much to his surprise he hears a voice behind him. It’s a pedigree bull chewing the cud. “Here’s some advice” says the bull, “If you eat my poo it will aid you in your quest”. “Yeah, right”,says the turkey and wanders off.

The next morning having woken in an even bigger pit of misery, with no one around and nothing to lose the turkey tries the advice. The next morning he successful gets airborne and makes the lower branches of the tree. Delighted with his progress flies down to eat more poo. The next morning progress is even better, he gets halfway up the tree. Loving the results he immediately flys of in search of the the freshest offerings from the bovine advisor.

The next days dawns crisp and blue, three quick steps and he is airborne again, effortlessly reaching the top of the tree to view the wide country. Perched on the uppermost branch he puffs his chest looking magnificent and proud. A passing local farmer spots the magnificent turkey sunning himself in the morning sun, shoots him and takes him home for dinner.

The moral of this story is that you can rise to the top of the tree on bullshit but it won’t keep you there.