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Thread: Brownhills are Downhills

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    Than you all.

    I have recently finished answering the hundreds of emails sent to us through the Brownhills are Downhills (best part of 2000) the bulk were regarding Mandy's health and it was not till I started to go through the wonderful emails I realized there are so many others suffering in silence with similar ailments and as with Mandy the knowledge it will be terminal.
    We enjoyed our break in Scotland, the Lakes etc. and are saving our pennies so we can get away again as soon as possible as the clock is ticking.
    Mandy and I have found we are not living from one hospital appointment to the next quite so much but are making plans for the future and are talking about more normal things and not just living with the illness.
    I had a burst gangrenous appendix recently and then a secondary infection that I'm still fighting with the help of another 4 week course of antibiotics, this took our minds away from Mandy's illness but once again the strength of Mandy this beautiful woman came out to help nurse me back to health.
    Our daughter recently graduated as a fully qualified English teacher and is getting married next August, Mandy say's if she can live long enough to see our daughter married and our first Grandchild born her life will be complete. xxx

    I wish you all the strength to fight the good fight, thank you. x

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    Hello I have rejoined Wild Camping after several years.

    As you know Brownhills came good in the end for us. I just wanted to give the people in this group who remember us an update! Mandy is still with us eight years on although her mobility has worsened and she is in a wheelchair permanently. I did manage to get back to work as a locksmith for a couple of years but Mandy started having more and more mishaps so I sold my business and now care for her full time.
    I recently gave up my motorhome and I'm now waiting for a new 2019 Buccaneer Clipper caravan that is being modified to suit Mandy's needs (I really miss my motorhome but hey ho!) I still go up to the Highlands and Lakes climbing and this caravan will allow me to take Mandy with me and know she is safe while able to have the occasional mountain trek. I have been a member of Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue who are part of the same group as the famous Mountain Rescue but we tend to search for missing suicidal or vulnerable people who wonder off usually into woodland forests or bog land. This has been my salvation and we are out searching regularly, I have not been fortunate to be the one to find anybody alive but have sadly found 5 deceased suicides.
    This group played a major part in getting us sorted out those years ago and I want to thank all the supporting members and say a very big thank you to Phil who supported us all the way.

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