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Thread: VW camper wilders

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildebus View Post
    This is the thing ... You can have two identical vans, one is classified as a Motor Caravan, one is still a Panel Van, and in the even of an insurance claim writeoff, the Panel Van is worth whatever a basic panel van is worth, plus limited contents. But the Campervan is worth maybe twice as much or more plus the value of all the camping accoutrements. (plus Campervan Insurance is usually cheaper plus Campervans under 3.05t ULW are subject to car speeds, not commercial van speeds)

    Why make life more difficult for yourself?
    I'm not sure I understand your post.

    I understand the difference between a panel van and a camper, I was asking if the van was insured as a camper. Had it been insured as a panel van and then in the event of a write off situation was found to have modifications, then that could be a problem insurance wise. Kayjay has now explained that it is insured as a van with modifications.

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    From discussions i have had when insuring my Campers, and from reading other people's experiences, if a fully converted camper is not reclassified as a Motor Caravan, some insurance companies may well say they will only pay out at the base (panel Van) value, not a campervan value. it is that simple.
    How can someone prove they had a campervan when the V5C still says "Panel Van" if that vehicle has been stolen (so cannot be examined) and get the right payout?
    It is very important to have appropriate insurance for your vehicle. And having the right classification on the V5C makes the choice of insurers a lot greater. That is what I meant about why make life harder than it needs to be.

    Yup, you found a company that will insure as a Day Van. There are actually a few of those, but how do their rates and policies compare with the wider market.
    For example, the one you linked to .... With them, if you have a Day Van, you are prohibited from using it to Commute. That could be very restrictive for some, especially when the typical Day Van is often used as a primary Vehicle.

    My comments were for the wider market, and not one specific vehicle owned by one specific person
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