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Thread: VW camper wilders

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    Photophil Guest

    VW camper wilders

    Hi all.
    Just wondering how many VW Camper owners were on here. Most of the guys on here own lovely new warm motorhomes lol.
    Just in the middle of insulating mine.

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    kernewek Guest
    Hello! we are and we love Vernon! - and so do the boys (woof! woof!)

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    vw t5 selfbuild
    Yeah love my vw t5 insulated and diesel heater fitted was lovely
    And toasty in the alps last month

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    GeoffB Guest
    We love our California, named "Epona," seen here in the Italian Alps. We sleep "upstairs" and the dog has the bench seat. She's nippy and can fit into a car parking space, and has absolutely everything we need - fridge, cooker, heater, water and waste-water tanks and even a porta-loo, the best vehicle we've ever had.


    Wouldn't have a motor-home even if you gave us one free!

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    CooP Guest
    My parents bought this 1972 model Kombi in Cape Town in 1976. It was left-hand-drive and allegedly driven overland from Germany by newlyweds and then sold to the this chap after their honeymoon was over. I spent most of my childhood travelling in the bus all over southern Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe etc.

    Dad got a caravan and I inherited the Kombi. I got really sick of the left-hand-drive and so bought a locally made bus with all the right hand drive gear to make a few mods and do a bit of a resto. Rain through a damaged skylight had ruined some of the cupboards and upholstery.

    It ended up being easier to chop up the two buses to do the right-hand-drive conversion. I'm over 5 years into the restoration and hope to be back on the road before December this year.

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    baileys4me Guest

    Vw campervans

    Just counting the days till we get ours

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    shawbags Guest
    I owned VW aircooled campers for many years , had some great times probably the best times , if it was not for the fuel consumption I would probably still have my 2 litre van , a VW camper can be just as warm and cosy as any other van and a lot more fun , is that your project and did you finish it , Chris.

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    dane's Avatar
    dane is offline Hooper drives the van
    Name: Inigo Montoya
    Spouse: Princess Buttercup

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    Google Maps Error: Dragons
    Toyota HiAce
    Another one here. '91 Westy.

    Trifling inconvenience of not having an engine at the moment, which is making any kind of camping a bit awkward.
    Aces wild, Aces high, All the aces, Aces 'til you die

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    grumpyengraver Guest


    I have one as well, mine is a Richard Holdsworth Vista, 1996, 2.5D.
    I have spent a lot on it over the 4 yrs I've had her, 3450.01p last year on recon engine new clutch etc. We only use her in this country as I cant drive to far these days, in fact I think my camping days are coming to a end :-(
    Hope to get at least one trip out soon (Scotland) before I give up.
    Hope you have many a great trip out in yours.

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    VW T5 Camper
    newbie on here but a recent VW T5 owner, semi converted (but not good)
    Work in progress to strip and insulate, and get it how I want it

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